About Emotiva

Rethinking High-End.

Shattering performance and price barriers to create the first major audio brand for the 21st century.

Emotiva started with a simple question:

"Why can't we have amazing audio - at prices that don't threaten our mortgage?"

And it was a good question. As high-end audio chased an ever-shrinking market with ever-more-costly gear, the price of sonic nirvana shot out of reach. New audiophiles shook their heads and said, "You know, a soundbar and a receiver may not be that bad. At least I won't be filing for divorce."

At the same time high-end audio prices were climbing, Dan Laufman and his team were helping some of the best names in audio manufacture their gear. They saw the prices that other companies were commanding - and most importantly, the inefficiencies of the traditional model of distribution and dealerships.

And so, after decades of making gear for other manufacturers, Dan decided to answer that simple question.

He brought his team together and outlined his plan: to completely redefine high-end audio. To rethink every part of the equation. To deliver reference-quality performance, at prices that people could afford again. Dan and his team worked to strip away all preconceived notions of how high-end audio was designed, manufactured, distributed, and sold. They created a new company, with a new business model for a new century, not for 50 years ago.

The result is Emotiva.

Emotiva is named for Dan's - and his teams' - passion. Their excitement at changing the game. Their emotional involvement with great music and film, and their dedication to changing the world of high-end audio. While the team has grown over the years, everyone at Emotiva still hews to the same basic values: to deliver amazing performance and quality, at unheard of prices, with real, straight answers from enthusiasts who actually use the equipment everyday.

Welcome to Emotiva. The first major audio brand of the 21st Century.

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