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What is Upgrade For Life, and how does it work?

It’s really simple. Purchase a processor from Emotiva and become a discount holder for life*. As an original owner of a Generation 3 Emotiva processor (UMC-200, XMC-1, and beyond) or generation 2 upgrade certificate, you will receive 25% off any processor model we sell, whether it’s a current model in stock, or a distant model in the future.

How is this different than your "Upgrade Certificate" program?

Unlike the Upgrade Certificate program, there are no cards, certificates, or coupons to hold onto. After the 30-day trial period on the processor you purchased to qualify for the Upgrade for Life Program, we’ll send you a notification in the mail that you are eligible. Then, simply call or email us to place your next processor order at 25% off the standard price.

What about my Generation 2 Upgrade Certificate?

You can still use it! If you purchased the UMC-1 and have been holding onto your Generation 2 Upgrade Certificate, first, thank you. We really appreciate you being with us since the early days. You can use the Upgrade Certificate to purchase one next generation processor at 40% off of the standard price. To redeem the certificate and receive the discount on a future generation home theater processor, you must physically send the certificate to Emotiva. Only originally issued certificates from Emotiva will be honored. The original certificate is transferable in the event of a personal sale or can be gifted. No duplicates will be honored and Emotiva reserves the sole right to determine a certificate’s eligibility. Emotiva assumes no responsibility or liability to replace lost, stolen, or damaged certificates. If you use your 40% off card, you will be responsible for shipping charges. If within the continental 48 states, a $20 shipping fee will apply. A shipping fee will be quoted for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and international orders.

Will Generation 2 Upgrade Certificate holders be enrolled in the Upgrade For Life Program?

Yes! If you are the current holder of a Generation 2 upgrade certificate, you are automatically enrolled in the Upgrade for Life program 30 days after you have purchased your next generation processor at 40% off.

With Upgrade For Life, is there a limit to the number of processors I can purchase?

Yes and no. After you buy your first processor that qualifies you for the Upgrade for Life™ program, you may purchase every model we ever release for 25% off. This crosses all series lines—if you buy an Ultra Series processor you will qualify for a discount on an X-series processor. But, there is a 2-processor limit per model. For example, you can buy 2 UMC-200s with Upgrade For Life, but if you buy a third, you will not get the 25% off.

Are there any other restrictions?

Yes, just a few. You must be the original processor purchaser to qualify for the Upgrade for Life™ program. Your status is non-transferable and does not follow the processor that qualified you for the lifetime discount. If you sell your processor, you still hold your Upgrade for Life status; the person you sold it to does not. The 25% off discount is taken off the standard price of the unit. The 25% off cannot be combined with sale prices or other promotions. If within the continental 48 states, a $20 shipping fee will apply. A shipping fee will be quoted for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and international orders.

If I buy a qualifying processor as a gift for a friend, who gets into the Upgrade For Life Program?

Good question. The purchaser, or person listed on the billing address will be enrolled in the program. There are exceptions. If you call us, we will transfer the discount to the person you bought it for, because after all processors do make the best gifts! However, if you buy a processor for someone else using your own 25% off discount, we cannot enroll your friend in the program.

Why do we have this Upgrade For Life program?

Due to emerging technologies, home theater processors become quickly outdated. We want to help you stay current with new technologies by making it affordable to upgrade to a new processor when necessary. After all, you are in the family now.

*Terms and conditions: Emotiva reserves the right to amend or revise the terms of the Upgrade For Life™ program at any time, without notice.

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