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Emotiva Pro Introduces Airmotiv Powered Monitors, Starts Performance/Price Revolution in Professional Audio

8/26/11 Franklin, TN. Emotiva Pro announced the airmotiv powered monitor series today, a high-performance, high-value line of studio monitors based on superior transducer and amplification technologies. Available in 4″, 5″, and 6″ models, airmotiv monitors offer superior performance for approximately half the price of their closest competition.

Airmotiv powered studio monitors all feature exclusive airmotiv high-frequency and low-frequency transducers, high-power, bi-amplified performance with audiophile-grade amplifiers, and extensive user controls to allow excellent matching with studio and home environments. Power levels, frequency response, and overall performance set new standards for the price point.

“Our direct sale model is key to offering the highest value to our customers,” said Dan Laufman, President of Emotiva Pro. “It’s a new concept for professional sound gear, but it’s one we’ve refined and perfected on the high-end audio side.”

Available immediately for direct sale though the website, Airmotiv monitors are priced from $399-799 per pair, with a 30-day in-studio risk-free trial and a 5-year transferrable warranty.

About Emotiva Pro
Emotiva Pro operates under a simple manifesto: to bring superior equipment at unbeatable prices directly to professional studios and musicians, with a 30-day in-studio trial period. The Airmotiv series of powered monitors is Emotiva Pro’s first product introduction. Additional products are planned in the future. Emotiva Pro’s website is located at

Emotiva Pro is a sister company to Emotiva, which has revolutionized high-end audio with high-value, direct-sale products. Emotiva’s website is located at


  1. jon8686

    i have b & w 683 five channel set up for sound. i’am looking at the monitor audio gold even though they are very pricey. I like the sound of ribbon tweeters.

    10/20/2011 | Permalink
  2. Hemster

    I have the Airmotive6 powered monitors. They fill my large family room with wonderful sound and they play quite low. Currently I have no sub attached and yet for 2 channel music, it’s sonic bliss! :-)

    10/21/2011 | Permalink

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