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mini-X a-100 Stereo Flex Amp | Review by CNET

March 28, 2012 | by Steve Guttenberg at CNET “Build quality is first-class, and the amp features a large power transformer, and discrete parts in the audio circuit (it doesn’t use integrated circuit chips).” Read the full review

USP-1 Preamplifier + UPA-1 Amplifiers | Review by TONE Audio

by Jeff Dorgay at TONE Audio “This gear offers up neutral tonality, great dynamic range, plenty of power, and an abundance of truly useful features. If I were starting again from the beginning, the USP-1 and UPA-1 would serve as my system’s core.” Read the full review

XPA-3 Amplifier | SECRETS Best of 2011 Awards

The Emotiva XPA-3 is awarded “Best Value Multi-Channel Power Amplifier” in the SECRETS of Home Theater’s Best of 2011 Product Awards. See all of the awards here.

mini-X a-100 Amplifier | Review by Audioholics

November 29, 2011 | by Tom Andry at Audioholics “If you’ve been looking for a solution for your Zone 2 woes, or perhaps just want to do something with those extra speakers, the Emotiva mini-X a-100 Stereo Flex Amp may be just what you were looking for.” Read the full review

XPA-1 Amplifier | Reviews by

January 21, 2011 “… this is one of those amps that make you want to play through all your audio favorites again and again, just to hear them as they were meant to be listened to. And, I assure you, you’ll enjoy every minute of it.” Read all XPA-1 reviews