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Podcast 11.16.12

Dan, Cathy, and Lonnie discuss their recent trip to China, the XDA-2, the new UMC-200, Holiday Sale and sale hours and new editions to the team. >> Listen to the Podcast <<

Podcast 10.03.12

Dan, Cathy, and Lonnie discuss Emofest 2012 (recap), upcoming show appearances, the XMC-1, and some new products arriving in November! >> Listen to podcast <<

Emofest 2012 | Podcast 08.31.12

Dan, Cathy, & Lonnie discuss Emofest 2012!! Have a great weekend and we’ll hopefully see you soon! >> Listen to podcast <<

Podcast 08.10.12

Dan & Cathy discuss all things Emofest 2012 (‘Olympic’ prizes, schedule of events, food, bands, special demos and seminars, etc.), the XMC-1, XSP-1, XPA-100, XPA-200, AND some new products that will be making their debut appearance at Emofest – phew! >> Listen to podcast

Podcast 05.25.12

Big Dan, Cathy, and Lonnie discuss Emofest 2012, this year’s Tour de Cure and X-Ref 10 subwoofer giveaway, and upcoming shows for the year! >> Listen to Podcast <<