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XDA-1 Balanced DAC | Review by Digital Audio Review

August 29, 2011 | by John Darko at Digital Audio Review “The direct-selling model adopted by Emotiva pretty much forces your hand. If you wanna hear it, you gotta buy it.  I’m here to state that first impressions are very favourable. As are second impressions.” Read the full review

XDA-1 Balanced DAC | SECRETS Best of 2011 Awards

The Emotiva XDA-1 is awarded “Best Value DAC” in the SECRETS of Home Theater’s Best of 2011 Product Awards. See all of the awards here.

XDA-1 Balanced DAC | Review by SECRETS of Home Theater

May 12, 2011 | by Jim Milton at “… I can’t think of many other DACs that offer the sound quality, flexibility…and a killer remote…that Emotiva offers with their XDA-1. As I prepare to move my music onto a computer, the XDA-1 will be my bridge to the digital future.” Read the full review

Reserve your XDA-1 today!

It’s time.. finally!  The XDA-1 Differential Reference™ Balanced Digital-to-Analog Converter/Digital Preamplifier is available for reservation:  Thank you for all of your patience, we know a lot of you are just as excited as we are about the arrival of the DAC!