mini-X a-100

Price: $219
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Stereo Flex Amp



Don't let its size fool you. The mini-X a-100 is a monster - the perfect choice for powering a compact high-end stereo system, a second audio zone, or a desktop system. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

We created the mini-X a-100 with the same design and engineering standards as our full-size amplifiers. The a-100 delivers 50 watts/channel of honest power - and it does so effortlessly, with superb sound quality and lively dynamics that will satisfy the most demanding audiophile. Along with its great sound, the mini-X a-100 has the flexibility you need, including a front panel volume control, trigger inputs and outputs, automatic turn-on, and buffered line level outputs for easy daisy-chaining.

The new Gen 2 version of the a-100 continues in this tradition of flexibility, reliability, and great sound – and adds a few minor circuit refinements and our new and more sophisticated Gen 2 styling.

Just because an amplifier is small doesn't mean it has to sound small - or be short on features!


mini-X a-100 Manual (PDF)

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