Price: $314
List price: $349
Five-Channel Power Amplifier
E-Club Price: $282.60



The UPA-500 delivers stunning sound quality, advanced engineering, and an elegant aesthetic at an unusually reasonable price point. It is the most amazing price-to-performance ratio available in today’s market. The UPA-500 has all of the qualities you’d expect in a high performance, multi-channel amplifier and much more: oversized power supply with plenty of storage reserves, wide flat frequency response, remarkably low noise and distortion, bulletproof protection, and heavy duty construction. Like all of our power amps, it’s rated to provide full power under all conditions with all channels driven. It is also perfectly capable of driving even the most difficult of loudspeakers.

We recommend pairing the UPA-500 with one of our UltraSeries surround sound pre-amp/processors to create a fantastic sounding and comprehensive home theater system. You might also consider taking advantage of the UPA-500’s muscle and finesse to upgrade your current surround receiver for a dramatically enhanced listening experience. The UPA-500’s understated styling ensures that is will blend flawlessly with any room décor and is an exact match to the classic Emotiva design appearance.

The UPA-500 – Don’t tell them how little you paid for it; it’ll be our secret.