Price: $719
List price: $899
Stereo Power Amplifier



The first generation XPA-2 set the bar for power and finesse at a price thousands less than the competition. Now, the new XPA-2 Gen 2 adds even more refinement, even greater capability, and exciting new features.

All-New Inside and Out
Inside, we’ve refined our classic differential input, short signal path Class A/B topology to deliver a stunningly low noise floor, so details of your music and movies emerge from a deep black background. Outside, we’ve added solid machined gold plated RCA jacks, high-quality gold plated contact toggle switches, and sleeker, refined aesthetics, and a completely new high strength precision chassis for added durability and an even more impressive look in your rack.

Monoblock Mode
For the serious enthusiast, you have the choice of running the XPA-2 as a high-quality stereo amplifier, or a 1,000 watt monoblock. Just flip the switch to Monoblock Mode, and unleash stunning power and ultimate flexibility. This makes the XPA-2 Gen 2 a great upgrade path—start with a single stereo amp, and then add a second one later to experience the power and dynamic headroom of monoblocks!

Infuses New Life into Music and Movies
Go ahead. Use the XPA-2 Gen 2 in your critical music-only system, or set it up for ultimate authority and control over the main front channels in your multi-channel system. When combined with the new XPA-5 Gen 2 power amp driving your center and surrounds, you have the powerful foundation for the ultimate 7.1 home theater experience. Listen to your jazz open up and breathe like never before. Hear that favorite symphony recording gain a new level of dynamics and sense of realism. Feel like you’re a part of the action in today’s blockbuster movies. Crank up a rock concert and get lost in its power and energy.

The previous XPA-2 has been called “a beast, a monster, an abominable snowman on steroids.” Now, the XPA-2 Gen 2 has been sent to finishing school. It’s your conduit to the pure power and majesty of music and movies—distilled into a beautifully designed and precision-crafted 73-lb powerhouse.

The XPA-2: pure power, refined.


XPA-2 Manual (PDF)