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Stereo Power Amplifier


What do you do when you want the incredible sound quality and features of the legendary XPA-2, but you don’t need quite as much power? We have the perfect choice, the all-new XPA-200. Equally at home powering a superb stereo system or the front channels of an audiophile surround sound system, the XPA-200 delivers 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, or 240 watts per channel into 4 ohms of powerful, clean, audiophile grade audio power. The highly refined amplifier circuitry in the XPA-200 handles subtle details with finesse, while the hefty power supply provides plenty of dynamic power reserves for demanding source material.
Inside, the XPA-200 boasts the advanced engineering, high quality components, a heavy-duty toroidal transformer power supply, and our classic short signal path Class A/B technology. Also on tap is the transparent yet comprehensive protection circuitry you’ve come to expect from Emotiva. The new Gen2 version has also been upgraded with our new custom low-ESR power supply filter capacitors for even more stunning dynamics. Outside, you get Emotiva’s elegant new Gen2 styling, solid machined brass gold plated RCA jacks, and full-sized five-way binding posts. All the greatness of XPA, just smaller.
The XPA-200, enjoy your journey.