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Three-Channel Power Amplifier



A three-channel amp? Sure. Add it to your system to power the critical left, center, and right speakers, and let your receiver—or a lower-powered amp—take care of the surrounds. It’ll immediately boost the level of realism and dynamics in your home theater, for a more engaging cinematic and musical experience. Wait until the action starts, and hold on!

All-New Inside and Out
The all-new XPA-3 Gen 2 adds to the performance of our legendary XPA-3, bringing higher output power into 4 ohms, a lower noise floor, and a refined fully discrete, short signal path Class AB topology. What this means is a better experience for both movies and music, with additional detail and resolution to draw you in. We also added solid machined gold plated RCA jacks, high-quality metal toggle switches for input selection, and a more modern design aesthetic, for an amp you’ll be proud to show off.

Exceptional Power Reserves
Like all of our X series amps, the XPA-3 Gen 2 is a brute. When we say 330 watts per channel into 4 ohms, we mean 330 watts per channel, all channels driven—for nearly 1,000 watts of total system power. No caveats, no excuses!

Works With Your Current Receiver—Or Additional Amplifiers
Now, it’s your choice: up the game of your current receiver by adding an XPA-3 Gen 2, or combine this great 3-channel amp with one of our stereo amps for an even more amazing theatrical experience.

The XPA-3 Gen 2: Supercharge your home theater.


XPA-3 Manual (PDF)