Price: $1,439
List price: $1,799
Stereo Reference Power Amplifier



In the past, reviewers have called our XPA-2 “the best amplifier value I’ve ever seen.” We think they’ll simply call the new XPR-2 “the best, period.”

Skeptical? Take a deeper look at the XPR-2. Twice the power of the XPA-2 is only the start. As a member of the all-new Reference Series, the XPR-2 packs decades of expertise into a rock-solid, jewel-finished 100-lb chassis. It incorporates dual differential inputs on each channel, with fully complementary high bandwidth power stage design, massive peak current capability, and audiophile-grade precision components, for sonic performance reaching beyond “the best of the best.”

Let’s start with 600 RMS watts into 8 ohms, and 1000 watts RMS into 4 ohms. Imagine this massive power delivered with sonic refinement—pinpoint imaging, immersive detail, and a relaxed sense of authority. The XPR-2 is an “end game” amplifier, fully capable of driving the most difficult speakers to their full potential.

Like all Reference Series components, the XPR-2 looks the part, with a precision-machined, 1” billet aluminum, multi-element faceplate, with laser embossing, and hand polished detailing that is worthy of fine jewelry. Massive gold-plated input and output connectors are on hand to ensure maximum signal fidelity and lossless power transmission. Inside, a huge 2.5kVA toroidal transformer—itself weighing over 30 lbs. and coupled to a massive low ESR filter bank—feeds a pair of Optimized Class H power amplifier modules, crafted from premium components, including precision metal film resistors, film capacitors, and multilayer glass epoxy PCB’s. Advanced protection is on tap for absolute reliability, with ARM based microprocessor control system for complete stability.

The Emotiva Reference Series components represent a lasting investment in quality. Experience the XPR-2 for yourself, and discover real power and with absolute control.

XPR-2 – Moving power. Immersive resolution.

Palletized Shipping Protects Your Shipment 
Since our Reference-series amplifiers are so large and heavy, we palletize (crate) them individually for shipping via LTL freight. This protects their precision electronics and fine finish from damage, and ensures that your amp will arrive in perfect condition. At this time, we cannot ship the XPR-2 internationally.  It is only available for purchase in the USA.


XPR-2 Manual (PDF)