Price: $219
List price: $399
USB DAC/Digital Preamp/Headphone Amp



The XDA-2 connects to all your digital music sources—computer, media player, CD transport, and more—and delivers audiophile-quality sound. With its precision analog resistor ladder volume control that maintains resolution even at low volumes, the XDA-2 is an ideal digital preamp. At the same time, its discrete, high-current headphone amplifier drives headphones with authority.

The XDA-2 is the ideal way to enhance the sound quality of virtually any audio system. No matter your digital source—or sources—the XDA-2 is ready, with multiple optical and coaxial inputs, as well as USB support for standard sample rates up to 24/192 USB for easy connection to your computer. Emotiva’s Differential Reference™ topology, combined with an asynchronous sample rate converter to remove jitter, delivers exceptional sound quality. Coupled with the convenience of a front-panel alphanumeric display and a full-function machined aluminum remote control, there’s no better value in DACs today.

The nerve center of your modern digital audio system.