Certified Factory Renewed items!

Our elusive Factory Renewed gear is available to purchase for a limited time. Emotiva Factory Renewed gear has been quality tested and is guaranteed to be in perfect working condition.

Factory Renewed items may have some cosmetic blemishes, however, they work perfectly! We even back them up with our same regular warranties and a 30-day trial, plus free shipping within the contiguous 48 states!

If you would like to place an order give us a call at 615-790-6754 or email sales@emotiva.com.
Airmotiv B1 $269.00
Airmotiv C1 $224.00
Airmotiv C2 $332.00
Airmotiv E1 $242.00
Airmotiv T1 $629.00
Airmotiv T2 $899.00
Stealth 8 $809.00
BasX A-100 $206.00
BasX A-150 $269.00
BasX A-300 $359.00
BasX A-500 $449.00
BasX A-5175 $719.00
BasX A-700 $539.00
BasX A-800 $449.00
XPA-3 GEN 3 $1,079.00
XPA-5 GEN 3 $1,439.00
BasX MC-700 $539.00
BasX PT-100 $269.00
BasX TA-100 $359.00
XSP-1 GEN 2 $1,019.00
SP-1 $269.00
CD Players  
ERC-3 $449.00
BasX CD-100 $269.00
BasX S8 $179.00