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by Nick Mandara

Firmware 1.7 now available!

RMC-1, RMC-1L, and XMC-2 Firmware 1.7 is now available!

>> Click here to download <<

Release Notes and Fixes:

- Coax and optical input work above 48K

- Switching from PCM 2.0 “Reference stereo” to DSD music, volume change pops no longer occur

- “robotic/static” distortion from Multi channel PCM fixed

- Distance setup, missing text for speakers after changing rear left distance

- Volume not updating in Right window, when “Left Window” NOT set to “Full Status”

- Internal pink noise “Level” low in subs with some speaker configurations

- XMC front panel lock up with 1.6 update fixed

- “Unlock” menu with 2 button press in XMC-2 (hold mute, push power on front panel)

- DTS MA lock updated

- Menu “pumps” L/R window during factory reset

- Internal Test “Levels” a little off with certain speaker configurations

- Better Front panel button response on XMC-2

- With headphones inserted, audio was coming from rear main outputs as well

- Menu, tuner, station select upgraded

- Station select not updating in front panel

- Menu set to Right window, not staying on right after cold boot

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