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by Nick Mandara

RMC-1 1.4 Firmware now available!

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing a new version of firmware for the RMC-1: Firmware release version 1.4


We consider this to be a mandatory update – and it includes many improvements that we’re sure will significantly enhance your user experience.

This update includes improvements and bug fixes that address over 250 items.
Several of these were brought to our attention by our end users and dedicated Beta testers, while the rest were uncovered during our own extensive internal testing.
We want to thank everyone involved for all their hard work and dedication in helping us to continue to perfect the RMC-1.

We also want to say that, even though this update resolves and or enhances many things, work continues on some special case issues.

While we always strive to ensure that our products comply fully with all current standards, our mission is made more complicated by the fact that many other products currently on the market do not. We have made huge leaps in non-compliant compatibility.

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