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by Nick Mandara

RMC-1, RMC-1L, and XMC-2 Firmware 2.2 Now Available!

Our new 2.2 Firmware is now available for the RMC-1, RMC-1L, and XMC-2.

Priority: Mandatory

New Features:

- Fletcher Munson loudness compensation is now available and working (under Menu | Main Zone | Loudness; Enable / Disable).
- DTS Dialog Control feature has been added (under Setup | Preferences | DTS Dialog Control; settings range from 0 dB to 6 dB).
  (This is a DTS feature similar to Dolby Loudness Management.)
- DTS Direct feature has been added (under Setup | Preferences | DTS Direct; Enable / Disable).
  (The DTS Direct feature controls how the DTX Neural Upmixer works with certain types of content... and whether audio is upmixed to height speakers or not.)

Bug Fixes:

- Various problems with loss of video after changing inputs or waking from standby have been resolved.
  (The processor now re-initializes the HDMI connection when changing inputs or waking from Standby.)
  (This resolves various issues where video would be lost after an input change occurred or the processor awoke from Standby mode.)
- Problems with using HDMI inputs with reassigned audio have been fixed.
  (Various issues that occurred when an HDMI input was configured to use a different audio source have been resolved.)
- USB audio now works properly - including high-resolution audio at sample rates up to 24/192k.
  (Various issues where USB audio at higher sample rates would not play, or would play with distortion, have been resolved.)
- Issues with Zone 2 and digital audio sources have been fixed.
  (Various issues where distortion would occur when discrete digital audio sources were selected for Zone 2 have been resolved.)
  (Discrete digital audio sources up to 24/96k may now be selected for Zone 2 without distortion.)

Click here to download firmware and release notes

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