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by Nick Mandara

RMC-1, RMC-1L, and XMC-2 Firmware 2.3 Now Available!

Our new 2.3 Firmware is now available for the RMC-1, RMC-1L, and XMC-2.

Priority: Highly Recommended


Performance Upgrades:

- SIGNIFICANT improvements to ARC (Audio Return Channel) functionality.

- improvements in general speed and responsiveness.

Bug Fixes:

- There was a specific unwanted interaction between our processors and some recent models of Panasonic 4k UHD Blu-Ray players. While working normally during playback, our processor would start to respond slowly if the disc player was paused while playing certain discs, and possibly even crash if the player was paused for an extended period of time. THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED.

- There was a specific bug that would cause our processor to respond slowly if one of the Coax Digital audio inputs was selected but the source was NOT delivering an active audio signal. THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED.

Important Change in Speaker Configuration

There has been a change in the way Dolby designates what we call “bounce speakers” as well as in how they are now required to be configured. (This refers to height speakers that face upwards and bounce their audio signal off the ceiling).

You will notice changes to the Speaker Size Menu page after performing the update. Dolby no longer recognizes “Dolby Enabled Height Speakers” as such. Height speakers that operate facing upwards, and bounce their signal off the ceiling, are now designated as “Reflective Speakers”.

You will now find a separate item in the Speaker Size Menu: Reflective Speakers. On this page you will check a box for each pair of Reflective Speakers you have. You should make this selection BEFORE making other speaker configuration settings. (This selection will affect the configuration choices you have in other places.)

NOTE: One limitation you need to be aware of is that, IF YOU HAVE A SINGLE PAIR OF REFLECTIVE HEIGHT SPEAKERS, they MUST be designated as your Middle Height speakers. Therefore, if you check ONLY the Reflective Speaker check box for Fronts, when you exit that menu you will find your Front Height speakers designated as Dolby Enabled Middles (and, when configured that way, you will be expected to connect those Dolby Enabled Middle speakers to the FRONT HEIGHT OUTPUTS on the processor). Most other settings are intuitive as long as you identify your Reflective Speakers first.

NOTE: Also note that ALL speakers designated as Reflective Speakers WILL be considered to be SMALL speakers and by default their crossover frequency will be set to 250 Hz. This default is a Dolby requirement and will work best with many speakers and rooms. However you may feel free to adjust it if you prefer.

Click here to download firmware and release notes

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