Stealth 8

8” Powered Airmotiv Bi-Amplified Active Studio Monitor


  • Stealth 8
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Stealth 8

8” Powered Airmotiv Bi-Amplified Active Studio Monitor


The Stealth 8 has been discontinued and we won’t be getting any more in. Check out our other Airmotiv Speakers Here.
  • The Airmotiv Stealth 8 is a precision powered bi-amplified studio monitor that features an 8” woven polypropylene woofer, an Airmotiv™ folded ribbon tweeter, and dual 200 watt audiophile quality Class A/B amplifiers. The Airmotiv Stealth 8 is a true bi-amplified monitor, with a precision active crossover, and an assortment of controls specifically engineered to allow you to configure the Stealth 8 to perform accurately in a wide variety of rooms and configurations.

    While the Airmotiv Stealth 8 delivers the accuracy needed in a professional studio setting, it is also an exceptionally musical sounding speaker, and delivers flawless performance as a stand or shelf mounted home stereo monitor, or in a home theater or surround sound setting.


    The Airmotiv Stealth 8 is uniquely suited to a wide variety of applications:

    • As a monitor in a professional studio or high-end home studio

    • Directly with a DAC or preamp in a mid-sized audiophile system

    • As a main speaker (with a sub-woofer) in a high-end audiophile system

    • As a main speaker for a small high-end surround sound system

    • As a main or surround speaker in an audiophile home-theater system

    Focused on Exceptional Accuracy

    Every Stealth 8 monitor is the product of Emotiva’s quest for ultimate accuracy. That’s why we specify their frequency response to within +/- 1.75dB over the entire bandwidth of the monitor, and why every Emotiva Stealth 8 monitor is individually measured and calibrated at the factory to within 1dB of our reference standard. The result is a monitor you can trust to reveal all of the most critical details in your mix, or to enable you to hear everything in your latest high-resolution file download precisely as the mastering engineer intended it to be heard.

    Exclusive High-Performance Drivers

    The Stealth 8 owes a lot of its impressive accuracy to our exclusive Airmotiv™ high-frequency and low-frequency drivers, both of which were developed specifically for the Stealth 8, and which offer significantly better performance than typical off-the-shelf drivers.

    Most high-frequency drivers move air by pushing it; as a result, the velocity which can be imparted to the air, and the precision with which it can be controlled, is limited by the mechanical properties of the dome or cone and its motor structure. Our Airmotiv™ high-frequency driver moves air by compression; the air is squeezed out from between the pleats in a folded high-tech polymer diaphragm, powered by a heavy duty flat voice coil and powerful neodymium magnet structure. The result is that smaller excursions are needed for the same output, which dramatically reduces distortion. The difference is clearly audible; the output is remarkably clear and detailed, but never harsh, and even loud crescendos are handled with aplomb.

    Our Airmotiv low-frequency driver provides the perfect complement to our folded ribbon tweeter. The Curv™ woven polypropylene cone material, combined with a rigid cast basket, and a powerful motor structure, which includes a copper pole piece and aluminum shorting ring, delivers impressive bass extension (down to 30 Hz), combined with precise control. Bass response is so powerful and clean than many engineers actually use the Stealth 8 without a subwoofer!

    Power to Spare

    The best transducers in the world wouldn’t mean much without clean, high-quality amplifiers to run them. Each Stealth 8 monitor is bi-amplified, with separate 200 Watt Class A/B amplifiers for the low-frequency and high-frequency drivers, and a precision active crossover to direct each range of audio frequencies to the correct driver. Connecting each amplifier directly to the driver, without a passive crossover between them, gives each amplifier the best possible control possible over the driver, for the cleanest possible sound. Because of this, the bi-amplified Stealth 8 can reach output levels significantly higher than ordinary amplified monitors with similar amplifier power, while still sounding perfectly clean. A pair of Stealth 8 monitors can deliver near-field peaks of over 120 dB SPL, which allows them to handle your most dynamic projects with headroom to spare.

    Audiophile-Quality Parts

    The amplifiers we chose for the Stealth 8 monitors aren’t just powerful; each is a true reference quality audiophile amplifier, with a fully discrete design, featuring the extensive use of surface-mount parts, precision resistors and film capacitors, and a custom-designed toroidal power transformer. Take a look inside the Stealth series monitors, and you’d swear you’re looking inside a megabuck audiophile amp.

    The Control You Need

    In our quest for accuracy, we know that every studio is different. Depending on monitor placement, size, and overall acoustic environment, control over both high and low frequency level may be needed. That’s why the Stealth 8 powered monitor includes extensive contouring controls for both low and high frequencies. Low frequency tilt and cut can be adjusted, as well as high frequency tilt, over 5 discrete levels to achieve the perfect match with your environment.

    Precision Crafted Cabinetry

    In order to get the best performance from the high-quality amplifiers and exceptional drivers we developed for the Stealth 8, we needed to develop an exceptional cabinet as well. The Stealth 8 features our specially developed Minimum Acoustic Signature cabinet, with a front panel CNC-milled from a solid 2″ block of HDF, extensively braced, and featuring Three-Phase internal damping. The result is a striking, angular front panel that minimizes diffraction, and a solid, acoustically inert assembly that helps the drivers perform at their best.

  • Exceptional Accuracy

    • The Airmotiv Stealth 8 reproduces your music with exceptional accuracy:
      30 Hz to 23 kHz + / -1.75 dB.
      28 Hz to 32 kHz +0 / -6 dB.

    A Well Designed, Attractive, and Practical Cabinet

    • Specially developed Minimum Acoustic Signature cabinet minimizes diffraction effects and room interactions.

    • Acoustically inert cabinet, featuring a front panel machined from a solid 2″ block of HDF, extensive braced, and Three-Phase internal damping.

    High-Performance Drivers

    • Our Airmotiv™ 60 x 32 mm high-frequency folded ribbon tweeter, which delivers high frequencies concisely and accurately, with superb detail, but without the harshness common to many other tweeters.

    • Our Airmotiv 8” low-frequency driver, with a Curv™ woven polypropylene cone, rigid cast basket, and powerful motor structure, delivers clean midrange and impressive bass extension with very low distortion - even at high listening levels.

    Precision Crossover and Flexible Adjustments

    • A precision electronic crossover, featuring audiophile quality components in critical locations, routes each frequency range to the appropriate amplifier and driver.

    • Multi-step bass and treble tilt adjustments enable you to adjust the Stealth 8 for accurate response in any room position.

    • A separate bass rolloff adjustment enables you to precisely compensate for room boundary interactions.

    High Quality Class A/B Amplification

    • Separate 200 watt audiophile grade Class A/B amplifiers for the woofer and tweeter deliver plenty of power where you need it.

    Flexible Input Options

    • Industry-standard “combi” input jack accepts balanced XLR and ¼” inputs, as well as unbalanced ¼” inputs, for maximum flexibility.

  • Exceptional Precision And Accurate Frequency Response

    • Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 23 kHz + / -1.75 dB. 28 Hz to 32 kHz +0 / -6 dB. [LINK: Stealth 8 Plot Graphs (PDF)]

    • Maximum Acoustic Output (pair, short term): 115 dB SPL (sine wave, @ 1 meter, on axis, radiating into half space).

    • 121 dB SPL (sine wave, @ 0.5 meter, on axis, radiating into half space).

    High Quality Amplification

    • High-frequency amplifier: Class A/B; 200 watts RMS.

    • Low-frequency amplifier: Class A/B; 200 watts RMS.

    Exclusive Airmotiv Drivers

    • High-frequency driver: 60 x 32 mm Airmotiv™ high-frequency transducer.

    • Low-frequency driver: 205 mm (8 inch) Airmotiv™ low-frequency transducer.

    • Bass Alignment: Low-diffraction rear-oriented slot-loaded port.

    Flexible Adjustments

    • Bass Tilt adjustment: -2 dB, -4 dB, -6 dB at 40 Hz (starting at 1250 Hz); or optionally fully disable low-frequency transducer.

    • Treble Tilt adjustment: +1 dB, -1 dB, -2 dB (above 3 kHz) or optionally fully disable high-frequency transducer.

    • Bass Roll Off adjustment: -2 dB, -4 dB, -6 dB, or -8 dB at 40 Hz (starting at 250 Hz).

    • Gain adjustment: nominal +/- 6 dB.

    Flexible Input Options

    • Input Connectors: One balanced combination connector  (accepts a balanced XLR, balanced 1/4″, or unbalanced 1/4″ connector).

    Power Requirements

    • Power Source: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10%.  230 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10%. IEC standard removable power cord.


    • Dimensions: 16-1/2” high x 12” wide x 15” deep (each; unboxed).

    • Weight: 41.5 lbs (each; unboxed).


    Download Product Manual

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