Replacement Box


  • Replacement Box

Replacement Box


Shipping box.
  • In order to ensure the safety of your Emotiva equipment if you have to ship it back to us for repair or return, we require that you pack your Emotiva gear the proper factory shipping box. We will refuse the incoming shipment if your warranty repair or return is not properly packaged in an Emotiva factory box. An original factory box is also a great way to ensure that your valued Emotiva gear survives a move, or if you need to ship your equipment for any other reason. Please choose your correct box size under “options” under the ADD TO CART button above.

    • Heavy duty cartons with matching inner-packing.
    • 4S: Replacement box for Airmotiv 4 and Airmotiv 4S

    • 5S: Replacement box for Airmotiv 5 and Airmotiv 5S

    • 6S: Replacement box for Airmotiv 6 and Airmotiv 6S

    • 2RUS: Replacement box for UMC-200, UMC-1, XDA-1,
      XDA-2, ERC-1, ERC-2, ERC-3, ERC-4, Fusion Flex, Mini-X, BasX A-300, A-500, A-700, A-800

    • 3RUS: Replacement box for XMC-1, XSP-1, Fusion 8100, BasX A-5175, RMC-1L, XMC-2

    • 4RUS: Replacement box for XPA Gen1, XPA Gen2 (except XPA-7 G2), XPA Gen3, RMC-1

    • 5RUS: Replacement box for XPR, XPA-7 Gen2, 7-350

    • MiniS: Replacement box for SP-1, DC-1, PA-1

    • MedS: Replacement box for UPA, XPA-100, XPA-200

    • LargeS: Replacement box for UPA-500, UPA-700, XPA-1L

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