Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. We can ship Emotiva gear almost anywhere in the world, and we have a significant international customer base.

How do I order if I'm outside of North America?

For an international quote, click here. Or call 1-877-366-8324.

What about shipping?

Because of our shipping volume, we are able to negotiate very favorable rates with FedEx. This will be reflected in your quote. We can also use other couriers or 3rd party shipping companies if you prefer.

What about duties?

You are responsible for all duties, taxes and customs fees imposed by your country.

How do I pay you?

We currently accept Paypal and bank transfers for payment on international orders. If you prefer using a bank transfer, we will send you the necessary instructions.

Do you supply the right voltage and power cord for my country?

Emotiva products will be configured for the proper voltage, but we only ship products with USA style IEC power cords. You will have to supply your own readily available standard IEC cord for your country's outlet style.

What about service and returns?

We individually test your order to make sure it is working properly before shipping, but if service is required, the cost of shipping to us and return shipping is your responsibility. Should you choose to have the servicing done locally, we will offer technical support and any necessary replacement parts.

I found a great deal on Emotiva from a dealer in my country, is this legit?

No. The only way to make an authorized, factory-direct purchase is through our website or by contacting us directly.