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New, lower prices on current Emotiva processors!

We’ll cut to the chase -

Do we have plans to upgrade our processors? Answer: Yes!

We are deep into the development of the next generation of our world class processor line. The core of which is based on a lightning fast, Linux based OS with 10X the power and speed of the previous generations. This also brings gigabit ethernet and integrated WiFi as well as a modern, web based GUI setup and control system that will run on any phone, tablet or computer. Add to that a whole new HDMI system that has 8K, 2.1 on all inputs and outputs, the latest and greatest Dolby Atmos, all new DTS-X Pro and IMAX audio and video. We have also upgraded the already spectacular audio sub-system, and to top it all off, a whole new higher output power supply.

Can the current generation be upgraded? Answer: Yes!

In keeping with our commitment to give you a processor that won't be obsolete next year, there is an upgrade path to take the current generation and give it all the wonderful benefits. Specific details to follow.

Therefore, we are dropping the price of the XMC-2, RMC-1L, and RMC-1 processors for you to purchase and enjoy today! Enjoy your current system now, and know that it can be upgraded in the future.

Current New NextGen Upgrade
4K HDMI 2.0 with ARC/ eARC 8K (on all inputs and outputs) HDMI 2.1 with ARC/eARC
Dolby Atmos audio decoding Enhanced Dolby Atmos audio decoding
DTS:X audio decoding DTS:X Pro audio decoding
IMAX Enhanced Audio and Video
Hard wired ethernet Built in Wifi and hard wired gigabit ethernet
Basic app control Fully embedded web setup and control system
AKM DAC board NewTI DAC board and upgraded audio
100 watt power supply 200 watt autoswitching power supply
Music streaming capable

This announcement and plan continue to live up to our promise that our designed and assembled in the USA flagship processors are designed to be upgraded and enhanced as needs and technology evolve. When you buy an XMC or RMC processor, you break free of the disposable AV processor business model. We think it’s insane to reinvest in the heart of your AV system every few years, essentially collecting expensive paperweights, due to incremental technology changes.

Should I buy now or wait?
Our future upgraded path where our processor models will ship with the new boards will sell at higher price points because they’ll cost more to produce.
Tenitive pricing on the new units:
RMC-1+ $5,499
RMC-1L+ $4,499
XMC-2+ $3,699
So there is an advantage based on cost, but also, the current processor will do everything available and current in terms of formats and technology today.

How will upgrades work for existing Emotiva Processors?
Multiple boards have to be changed and a whole new OS has to be installed, and the entire system needs to run through our QA to ensure it meets our rigorous standards. Your processor will will be treated as a trade-in. You will ship your unit to our facility and in return, receive a brand new PLUS model. This way you minimize your system's downtime and get a brand new unit.

How much is the upgrade going to cost?
If you are an original purchaser who got the unit at the original full price. This also includes UFL members and Factory Renewed purchasers who purchased an FR unit when it was at original full price on or before October 2nd 2022 = $699
Everyone else: The RMC-1 and RMC-1L upgrade cost will be $1,399 XMC-2 upgrade cost will be $1,099

Why are the upgrade costs different?
The RMC-1 and RMC-1L, along with all the other upgrades, will get a new higher performance Fully Differential Burr Brown analog output board.
The XMC-2, along with all the other upgrades, will get the current RMC Fully Differential AKM analog output board.

I see part of the next generation is a new HDMI 8K board, can I just upgrade that?
No. The next gen system must be done as a complete system. The current hardware does not have the capabilities to run the new components.

Do you have any information on new processor models?
Not at this time! We’re still in development on next next generation model updates. We aren’t sure when they will be available, but look for more news from us next year. This announcement is to address buying a current model at a lower price, and what the future looks like for an upgrade path - and why right now is a great time to buy at an incredible price!

What if I already have an XMC-2, RMC-1L, or RMC-1?
It’s hard to believe that we’ve been selling the XMC-2 and RMC-1 platforms for over 5 years now, and since the first release, we’ve had a few board upgrades along the way. Living up to our promise, your existing units will be upgradeable as well! We’ll have different price structures on the upgrade paths based on the price you paid for your processor. Isn’t it amazing that we have many generations of format developments, yet you're still able to upgrade your existing processor, and that it’s not obsolete!? By now, that would be a whole new processor purchase many times over with another brand! Not with us!!

Can this be combined with any other offers?
Normally, offers are not allowed to be combined but for a limited time we are allowing you to combine the new low processor prices with our Bring Us Your Dead Trade-In Event to save you even more! Click here to learn more!

  • XMC-2 16 Channel 9.1.6 Discrete Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Cinema Processor
    16 Channel Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Home Theater Processor
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  • RMC-1 16 Channel Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Cinema Processor
    16 Channel Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Cinema Processor
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  • RMC-1L 16 Channel 9.1.6 Discrete Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Reference Cinema Processor
    16 Channel Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Cinema Processor
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