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The ET-3 is the perfect accessory when you need to turn on and off multiple devices from a single trigger output. The ET-3 has one trigger input and three high current trigger outputs. If your source unit has a trigger output, simply use the provided trigger cable to control four outputs from one control input. […]

ASM Bracket

Easily Mount Airmotiv Monitors on Walls or Beams. The ASM bracket offers a safe, secure, and attractive way to mount your Airmotiv 4 or Airmotiv 5 Powered Monitor to a wall or beam. The ASM bracket is made of heavy steel, with an attractive and durable black textured finish, and includes a plastic dress panel […]

Replacement Box

For repairs and returns we require that your Emotiva gear is packaged in the proper factory box. We will refuse the incoming shipment if your warranty repair or return is not properly packaged in an Emotiva factory box. Please choose your correct box size under “options” under the ADD TO CART button above. 4S: Replacement […]

Dirac Live Full for Emotiva

If you’ve purchased an XMC-1 from us, you’ve already experienced the power of Dirac Live LE. It’s simply one of the most powerful automatic room correction solutions available today, and produces stunning sound. But what happens if you want to go even farther? That’s where Dirac Live Full for Emotiva comes in. Customize to Your […]


The Emotiva XBAL-1×2 is a high quality passive splitter designed to allow a single balanced XLR source such as a preamp, processor or other audio source to drive two balanced inputs. The XBAL-1×2 is ideal for driving a pair of subwoofers from a single output. It’s also a great solution for bi-amping a pair of […]