Your speakers are the single most important part of your system. They connect you to your music and turn simple electricity into the emotional experience that is music or movies. Great speakers make all the difference and elevate a system that’s merely good into one that can deliver a truly transcendent listening experience. Airmotiv speakers were designed from the ground up with this critical mission in mind. Airmotiv represents years of research and experience in producing both home and professional loudspeakers with superior technical performance and sound quality. Combine that with elegant design, and you have a world-class speaker series that represents the best value available, anywhere. Airmotiv speakers were designed to be equally at home in an audiophile stereo system or a high-performance home theater. Our design philosophy is simple: if a speaker can reproduce the entire audible spectrum as accurately as possible, with very little distortion or coloration, then it will sound good – whether you’re playing classical, rock, or your favorite blockbuster movie.

Home Theater

For your convenience, we have bundled speaker configurations for your home theater, carefully chosen to optimize your listening experience.

Powered Monitors

Emotiva powered monitors were designed for applications that demand accurate, full range sound, exceedingly low distortion, great imaging, and consistent performance. Equally at home in a professional recording studio or in a top-notch home studio, they can also be used directly with a DAC, preamp, or surround processor to create a truly impressive small audiophile system or a great home theater setup.