Pre Amps / Processors

Preamps and processors manage which source components you would like to listen to such as CD players, turntables, cable boxes, gaming systems, DACs, and others. Combine these with our two channel or multi-channel amplifiers and it becomes the brain of your home theater or the heart of your stereo.

Stereo Amps

Our BasX stereo components combine great sound quality, a carefully chosen set of genuinely useful features, and rock solid performance with a simple, yet elegant design.

Multichannel Amps

The same rock steady performance of our stereo amplifiers in a multi-channel configuration for your home theater or multi-channel music systems.

CD Players


The Emotiva BasX series of loudspeakers leverage many of the advanced design features and technologies we developed for our top models to deliver both excellent technical performance and superb sound quality in a compact form factor. The BasX speakers deliver a clean, well-balanced sound with very low distortion and excellent sound stage imaging while providing incredible sound quality and extraordinary value at an unbeatable low price.