Precision AC line restoration & common mode filter system


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The CMX-2 offers a solution to a less-familiar, common problem – DC offset on the AC power line. DC offset is usually the result of unbalanced loads or by flaws in the power distribution system itself. It can cause DC current flow in the transformers that power your audio equipment, making them run hotter, produce more mechanical hum, and, in extreme cases, even potentially causing permanent damage. In addition to removing line noise, the CMX-2 also totally eliminates this annoying and potentially damaging problem as well.

The CMX-2 delivers clean power, free of high-frequency line noise and potentially audible DC offsets to your audio components. It also continuously monitors your AC power line wiring integrity and alerts you to common fault conditions like open grounds and reversed lines.

Constructed from premium components, the CMX-2 utilizes our exclusive Power Direct Connect™ mounting system, which connects the commercial grade outlet directly to the high current circuit board by the shortest possible path, eliminating power robbing resistive losses and other problems caused by less reliable and robust wiring techniques. It also uses top grade common mode and differential mode L-C filtering to reduce or eliminate all types of high-frequency noise.


  • Ideal accessory for high performance electronics.
  • Precision DC offset eliminator.
  • High-quality common mode and differential mode L-C noise filtering.
  • Continuous line-status monitoring – provides continuous real-time indicators that show the status of Hot, Neutral, and Ground lines.
  • Power Direct Connect™ mounting system, which connects the outlets directly to the circuit board.
  • Premium high-quality components and a heavy-duty double sided FR4 circuit board with high current paths on both sides.
  • Two commercial grade AC outlets.
  • Detachable IEC high current, 14 gauge, 2 meter power cord included.
  • High reliability resettable magnetic circuit breaker.
  • Constructed from machined aluminum.
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


  • AC power source:
    120 VAC +/- 20% @ 60 Hz; 15 Amps
  • Load (total for both outlets):
    15 amps continuous rating. Magnetic circuit breaker allows for short-term inrush current of up to 250% of rated load
  • Power Cable:
    Standard IEC detachable power cord; 7 feetlong; 14 AWG x 3
  • Size:
    unboxed: 4” wide x 1 3/4” high x 14 1/2” deep
    boxed: 9″ wide x 4 1/4″ high x 18 3/4″ deep
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs (5 lbs boxed)
Dimensions 4 x 1.75 x 14.5 in