DC-1 rack mount kit


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The DC-1 & SP-1 Rack Mount Kit is made from heavy gauge steel, and ships with two interchangeable 8mm thick milled aluminum faceplates. The single plate holds one DC-1 or the SP-1 in the center position; the dual-plate holds a pair of DC-1s, SP-1s, or the pair securely side by side.


  • Heavy gauge steel construction holds your DC-1 or SP-1 securely.
  • DC-1 & SP-1 mounts flush to the attractive black anodized milled aluminum faceplate.
  • Choice of faceplate provides mounting space for dual units, but avoids messy spacer panels if you only need to mount a single DC-1 or SP-1.
  • Standard rack width panel occupies 1-1/2 RU.
  • Sold as a single mounting bracket with interchangeable single and dual position faceplates.


  • Unboxed dimensions:
    2-5/8” high x 19” wide x 8-3/4” deep (assembled bracket plus either faceplate)
  • Boxed dimensions:
    21” wide x 12” deep x 5” high (bracket plus both faceplates)
  • Unboxed weight:
    3.25 pounds (assembled bracket plus either faceplate)
  • Boxed weight:
    unboxed: 6.0 pounds (boxed; bracket plus both faceplates)
  • Color:
    unboxed: Black