X Series HDMI Cable



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About E-Connects

If you’re tired of hearing about cables that redefine the laws of physics and promise magical transformations of your system, you’ll find Emotiva’s new e-Connects a refreshing change. There’s no hype or hand-waving here—just the highest level of workmanship and performance. Emotiva e-Connects start with superior materials and components, manufactured to our stringent quality control standards for many years of flawless operation. Engineered by an experienced design team, they reflect our respect for proven, scientific methods.


  • One piece, die cast zinc alloy shield over an ABS overmold to insure secure, durable connection.
  • Braided polyester anti-scuff jacket
  • Flat, heavy duty PVC jacket, housing parallel coax cables for uniform length, controlled impedance, and fast, consistent signal speeds.
  • Four individually sealed coaxial lines.
  • Fully certified for HDMI Category 2 specs, transferring up to 10.2Gbps per second, 1080p/120Hz.
  • Conductors: 7 x .127mm dia., tin-plated OFC.
  • Please note: larger length high speed hdmi cables are 3D capable, but do not incorporate ethernet or ARC capability.
  • Sold individually.
Cable Length

1 meter, 0.5 meter, 4 meter, 8 meter