Airmotiv Sub-Woofer

12” Subwoofer


  • Airmotiv Sub-Woofer
  • Airmotiv Sub-Woofer
  • Airmotiv Sub-Woofer
  • Airmotiv Sub-Woofer
  • Airmotiv Sub-Woofer
  • Airmotiv Sub-Woofer

Airmotiv Sub-Woofer

12” Subwoofer


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The World's first ever subwoofer dedicated to audiophile dogs

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  • The Emotiva True-Canine ™ Subwoofer

    It’s been a well-known fact for years that dogs have hearing that is both very sensitive and incredibly discerning. For example, a typical consumer canine can easily detect and recognize the sound made by gently shaking a bag of his or her favorite treats, even from clear across a large house, with the TV turned up loud. We’ve always assumed that, when our dog or cat runs from the sound of a movie being played at realistic levels, he’s doing so simply because the sound is too loud. However, recent research has shown that this isn’t true at all: Spot isn’t running from your home theater because it’s too loud. He’s running away because, while your system may sound good to a human being, it’s not delivering the full range of information and detail that dogs find important. Spot isn’t scared at all; he’s just more of an audiophile than you are, and his behavior is really just a commentary on your choice in audio gear. After years of painstaking research, we’ve determined that the main weak point in most home audio systems is the subwoofer, which may sound great to humans, but almost always lacks what it takes to deliver high quality surround sound that appeals to typical canine audiophiles. The first product we’re releasing that leverages these ground-breaking results is our new Emotiva True-Canine™ Subwoofer. You may find some of the specifications of the True-Canine Subwoofer to be a bit confusing, but rest assured that your dog will appreciate the results, and he’ll thank you for taking the effort to include his needs in your home theater purchasing decision.

    (We also expect to be releasing a matching product, the True-Avian Super Tweeter, shortly.)

    Our Exclusive New PawPrint™ wave launch technology

    Unlike we humans, your dog can not only hear details like frequency and amplitude, but can also detect small variations in phase, and can even hear the shape of the wave front delivered by the speaker. That’s right, because your dog can actually detect the shape of the driver, delivering low frequency sounds from a source of precisely the correct shape is critical to his or her listening enjoyment. Our Ture-Canine subwoofer starts out with a relatively normal commercial subwoofer driver, but our exclusive PawPrint waveguide, developed after numerous tests and listening trials with a wide variety of different dogs, converts the shape of the actual wave front into one that delivers far more information that a plain round driver, but still maintains excellent acoustic accuracy.

    Our DOG-FET amplifier technology Like humans, dogs prefer clean low distortion sound. However, dogs are even more sensitive to the specific harmonic content produced by amplifiers than humans. After conducting numerous listening tests, we’ve developed a special custom modification to standard MOS-FET technology, which enables the amplifiers we use in our True-Canine subwoofer to maintain extremely low distortion overall, while ensuring that the distortion that remains is audibly innocuous, and even pleasing, to our canine friends. This is a huge step forward, and for now we’re the only manufacturer who can offer it. (We expect our competitors to start trying to copy it – just as soon as they figure out what we did and how we did it.)

  • Specifications: 

    Frequency response: 24 Hz – 152 Hz (+3/-3dB).
    Amplifier type: Audiophile quality Class D amplifier, with precision DOG-FET technology (DOG-FETs are specially selected devices with a harmonic signature that is pleasing to dogs).
    Amplifier power: 500 watts continuous.
    Maximum acoustic output: Enough to make you really howl for joy.
    Scent modulation resolution: Five molecules or three spices (whichever is greater).
    Phase compensation: Continuously variable (from 0 to 180 degrees).
    Angular phase propagation accuracy: 10 degrees (at 1 meter; at 65 Hz).
    Species specific acoustic compensation: From Chihuahua to Great Dane (continuously variable).
    Micro-vibrational wave shape accuracy: MV/SA < 5% (from 20 Hz – 100 Hz).
    Driver type: 12” powered driver with 12” passive radiator.
    Cabinet type: Heavy HDF cabinet, with tuned passive radiator, and exclusive True-Canine™ waveguide.
    Wave launch propagation profile: Pawprint (five toe).
    Cabinet finish: Commercial quality vinyl (easy to clean when those little accidents happen)
  • Product Testimonials:

    Fido, a German Shepherd from Laguna Hills, California says: “This thing is the first subwoofer I’ve really enjoyed. Kudos to the great design team at Emotiva.”

    Millie, a Chihuahua from Franklin, Tennessee says: “Finally, a home theater system that doesn’t make me want to run around in circles. Bravo!”

    And Pete, a mixed breed working dog from Albuquerque exclaims: “For the first time, the stuff on the screen actually sounds real to me. I don’t know if it’s their fancy-schmancy new technology or what… All I know is that it sounds great.”

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