BasX 7.1 Bundle

3x BasX LCR; 4x BasX Sat; 1x BasX S12

  • BasX 7.1 Bundle

BasX 7.1 Bundle

3x BasX LCR; 4x BasX Sat; 1x BasX S12

  • For the main front speakers and center channel in our 7.1 Channel BasX System bundle, we’ve chosen a matched set of three BasX LCR speakers. This will ensure that you’ll get superb sound quality for both music and movie listening, clear intelligible dialog for movies, and a precise cohesive front sound stage. The BasX LCR speakers also offer exceptional mounting flexibility. The front main speakers can stand on a shelf, or be wall mounted on either side of your screen; and the BasX LCR center channel can be placed horizontally on a TV stand or cabinet, or wall mounted horizontally above or below your screen. The BasX Sat loudspeakers sound excellent, and are perfectly timbre matched to the BasX LCRs, which makes them the ideal surround speakers for this system. The BasX S12 sub delivers plenty of deep clean bass to ensure a superb listening experience for both music and movies.


    • All of the loudspeakers in our BasX series feature a high-quality ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeter for excellent high frequency response and smooth detailed sound, and a mineral-filled polypropylene mid/woofer for clean, uncolored midrange and excellent intelligibility.

    • All of our BasX series loudspeakers are perfectly timbre matched to ensure that you’ll get excellent imaging and precise sound stage placement, both across the front, and all around your listening room.

    • The BasX LCR is a compact, high performance loudspeaker that can be positioned vertically for use as a left or right channel, positioned vertically or horizontally as a center channel, and can be wall mounted if space is at a premium. Using three matched speakers across the front enables this system to deliver a very precise front sound stage and excellent imaging.

    • The BasX Sat is a very compact speaker high quality surround sound speaker, and features a 1” silk dome tweeter and a 4” mid/bass driver with a mineral filled polypropylene cone.

    • The BasX S12 subwoofer features a 12” long throw heavy duty driver, a ported cabinet, and a high quality Class D amplifier, and sounds great with both music and movies.

    For a perfect match, we recommend you consider driving your BasX speakers with our BasX A-700 power amplifier and our BasX MC-700 audiophile home theater processors.

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