Emotiva Pro

Pro-level performance for the studio—and beyond.
The Choice for Critical Mastering

Headquartered in Nashville, Emotiva pro is used by top recording studios in Music City USA—and all over the world. Emotiva Pro creates exceptionally accurate powered monitors and electronics that are the choice of professionals for their most critical mastering needs—creating the reference standard recordings used by some of today’s most popular artists and entertainers.

Reinventing the Home Theater

At the same time, Emotiva Pro powered monitors are reinventing the home theater. With up to 400W of power per speaker, they deliver crisp dialogue and impactful bass, for a superb home theater experience. Used in 2-channel to 7-channel systems, Emotiva Pro powered monitors dramatically outperform a typical “sound bar,” for an involving theatrical experience.


Creating a Desktop Concert

You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy Emotiva Pro’s powered monitors and DACs. Add a Stealth DAC and a pair of airmotivs to your desktop to create your own desktop concert hall—a full audiophile-quality experience, in a minimal amount of space.




The Emotiva Pro Lineup

  • Accurate sound for the studio, desktop, and home theater.

  • Versatile components for critical sound quality.