Balanced Reference CD Player And Transport

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Balanced Reference CD Player And Transport

26 reviews

The ERC-3 has been discontinued. If you are still in the Market for a great CD player, check out the ERC-4

  • The ERC-3 is a high-performance audio CD player and transport. The ERC-3’s heavy duty CD drive mechanism and powerful LASER mechanism enable it to play virtually any Red Book audio CD with ease. The superb quality internal DACs deliver true audiophile quality audio performance, while the flexible digital output options enable you to use the ERC-3 as a high-performance digital transport with your favorite external DAC or and preamp or processor that has digital audio inputs.

    Taking CDs to the Next Level

    Even in today’s download age, most of your best music is still on CDs. You probably have hundreds, if not thousands of them. But finding a player that can treat them right and bring out their best can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to spend thousands… until now. The all-new Emotiva ERC-3 sets a new standard for exceptional compact disc playback, at a price that will leave you breathless.

    Performance from the Chassis Up

    Everything about the ERC-3 was designed to extract the best possible performance from your discs. Pick it up and feel the rock solid 21-pound chassis. Strategically placed steel dampers add additional mass loading, reducing vibration and resonance to negligible levels. Feel the smooth action of the high-reliability tray loading mechanism. We spared no detail in creating a tough, precise, and gentle playback platform for your treasured discs.

    Balanced Audio Quality

    The legendary Analog Devices AD1955 Multi-Segment Delta-Sigma DAC’s joined to our all new Differential Reference™ analog circuitry deliver class-leading audio performance, whether you’re looking at the numbers or listening to the end result. You don’t need an external DAC for a nuanced, engaging, and resolving musical presentation with the ERC-3—just connect the balanced or unbalanced analog outputs and get ready to hear what you have been missing.

    An Exceptional Transport

    Already own a great DAC? The ERC-3 is also a top-class digital transport, providing optical, coaxial, and AES/EBU digital outputs to interface with your DAC of choice.

    Amazing Versatility and Control

    Do you have MP3 CDs, HDCDs, or Hybrid SACDs? The ERC-3 plays them all. Sit back and use the included solid machined aluminum remote control to stage a command performance you’ll remember!

    • Complete disc solution: plays all Red Book stereo audio CDs, HDCDs, MP3 CDs, and the Red Book layer of hybrid SACDs.

    • Audiophile sound quality through superior design: Analog Devices AD1955 high-performance DAC with multiple isolated and well-filtered linear power supplies for analog and digital circuitry.

    • Versatile analog connectivity: both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs are provided.

    • Works great as a transport, too; Toslink optical, coax, and AES/EBU outputs provided.

    • High-quality construction throughout: reinforced steel chassis with additional mass loading to minimize interference and vibration, machined solid aluminum faceplate, a high-reliability tray loading mechanism, and machined gold-plated output connections.

    • Easy to use: full front panel controls with blue halo illumination, high visibility alphanumeric status display, and solid machined aluminum remote control.

    • Take it anywhere: user selectable universal line voltage operation for 110-120V or 220-240V AC.

    • Easy to integrate: standard trigger input and output.

    • Connectivity:
      Stereo XLR balanced analog audio outputs: 1 set Stereo unbalanced analog audio outputs: 1 set Digital audio outputs: 1 Coax S/PDIF; 1 Toslink optical S/PDIF; 1 AES/EBU.

    • Formats Supported:
      Stereo audio CDs, (Red Book standard), prerecorded or computer recorded MP3 audio CDs, prerecorded or computer recorded with stereo audio files Hybrid SACDs with stereo audio CD layer (Red Book standard).

    • Output Level:
      Balanced outputs: +12 dBV (4 V RMS; 11 V P-P).
      Unbalanced outputs: +6 dBV (2 V RMS; 5.5 V P-P).

    • Frequency Response:
      10 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 0.04 dB.

    • S/N Ratio:
      104db unbalanced,
      110db balanced.

    • THD:
      < 0.002% @ 1 kHz.
      < 0.015% (20 Hz – 20 kHz).

    • IMD (SMPTE 4:1):< 0.005>#/span###

    • Crosstalk:< 92 dB @ 1kHz

    • Phase Deviation:< 0.6 degrees (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

    • Power Requirements:115/230 VAC +/- 15>#/span###

    21 pounds (unboxed).
    26 pounds (boxed).

    17 “W x 14”D x 4” H (unboxed) 23” W x 18”D x 7” H (boxed)


    Download Product Manual

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Steve C.

I am very pleased with the purchase of my Emotiva ERC-3 Cd Player & Transport. The Build Quality is Excellent and the Sound Quality is UNBEATABLE in this price range! Thanks to the fine Folks at Emotiva. Sincerely, "CherryBomb"

Jeremy W.
Great CD player, recommeded

Built like a tank, wow. I love the remote, too. It sounds really natural. I've been listening to a huge variety of Telarc, Sheffield Labs, and many other CDs that I know well. I even had my dad pull out some of his Telarc CDs from the 1980s ship them cross country and gave those a run too. It really shines in so many genres. I haven't tried the balanced outputs yet, at some point I will when I get around to some further upgrades in my system. I expect those outputs to take it up a notch.

Jack G.
A very happy ERC-3 owner

I am very pleased with the quality and the craftmanship of my ERC-3. I have looked at other brands of CD players that claim to be Audio grade and none of them come close to the Emotiva .

Steven L.
Thought I already gave the ERC-3 a great rating but I'll second it since I bought all my equipment direct from Emotiva's website...

Wonderful CD player with 3 power filters and weighs in a 21 LBS. it has both balanced and unbalanced inputs. It's a perfect high end CD player for anyone that wants a flat, un-colored, sound at the best price $499 0nsale The CD-100 was also a great CD player and for $299 it was a great sounding player as well. I thought about keeping a CD-100 but Emotiva allowed me to send it back to get the increadible ERC-3 for only $200 more. If you can use the XLR inputs the ERC-3 offers then your set with the Reference CD player. I have not had any trouble with any of my Emotiva components thus far and hope to save for their Reference Preamp before buying the $999 300 watt per channel into 8 Ohms Pro two channel Class A/B Amp. But for now the PT-100 and the A-100 can easily provide enough power to drive my Definitive Studio Monitor 450's with CD's using the ERC-3 as my Reference CD Player. I still prefer this player to a Oppo @$550 since they match. Well worth the $200 to switch from the CD-100 to the ERC-3. (A huge difference by literally playing everything perfectly) I'll up date at a later date.

Olivier S.
CD player

What can I say. Just like a lot of reviews what a nice CD player. Would highly recommend emotiva to my friends

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