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2.1 Channel BasX System

A 2.1 channel system is simply a stereo system with a subwoofer. In order to deliver realistic audio reproduction, a system must be able to reproduce the full range of audio frequencies faithfully – from the lowest bass drum hit to the highest overtone on a cymbal crash. The best way to do this, especially if you’ve decided to go with main speakers that fit on a stand or desktop, or mount on the wall, is to include a subwoofer. Your main speakers reproduce most of the audio spectrum, while the sub covers the critical bottom octaves that add realism and impact to your listening experience. Most subwoofers have their own built-in amplifiers, so all you need to add a subwoofer to a two-channel system is a preamp that has a subwoofer output.

Standard BasX System

Our Standard BasX 2.1 Channel System includes a pair of our BasX Sat loudspeakers, and one BasX S10 subwoofer. The compact size of the BasX Sat loudspeakers makes them a perfect fit in any room, where they may be mounted on stands, or placed on any convenient desktop or shelf. The BasX S10 sub will deliver plenty of deep clean bass to ensure a superb listening experience.

Premium BasX System

Our Premium BasX 2.1 Channel System includes a pair of our BasX LCR loudspeakers, and one BasX S12 subwoofer. The BasX LCRs offer greater output and improved dynamics, and the BasX S12 sub has better bass extension for an even more realistic rendition of music with a lot of deep bass.

You can find more information about our individual BasX loudspeakers and subwoofers here:

BasX SAT Loudspeakers

BasX LCR Loudspeakers

BasX S10 Subwoofer

BasX S12 Subwoofer

To complete your BasX 2.1 Channel System, we recommend:
Our PT-100 two channel preamp/tuner, paired with our BasX A-300 power amplifier, or our BasX TA-100 preamp/tuner/amplifier, which also includes its own internal power amp. Both are optimized to work especially well in a 2.1 channel system, and both include the necessary subwoofer outputs.

BasX A-300 Amplifier

BasX TA-100 preamp/tuner/amplifier