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7.1 Channel BasX System

Many people find that a high quality 7.1 channel music system fits their music and movie listening needs perfectly, and is perfectly aligned with both their life style and their budget. A 7.1 channel system consists of a pair of main front speakers (left and right front), a center channel speaker, a pair of surround speakers, a pair of rear surround speakers, and a subwoofer. Many folks who listen to both stereo music and surround sound movies on the same system find that the two main front speakers are the most important for music, while the center channel speaker is what makes movie dialog clear and intelligible. A subwoofer covers the critical bottom octaves, reproducing the deepest bass in high quality music content with improved realism, and adding impressive impact and slam to the special effects in movies. Most subwoofers have their own built-in amplifiers, which you simply connect to the subwoofer output you’ll find on virtually all surround sound processors.

Standard BasX 7.1 System

The Standard BasX 7.1 Channel System includes three of our BasX LCR loudspeakers for the three front channels (left, right, and center), and four of our BasX Sat loudspeakers for the surrounds and rear surrounds, and one of our BasX 10 Subwoofers. The BasX LCRs ensure that you’ll get superb sound from the main left and right speakers you use for critical music listening, and from the center channel speaker that is so important for movie dialog. The BasX LCR center channel can be placed horizontally on a TV stand or cabinet, or wall mounted horizontally above or below your screen. The BasX Sat loudspeakers sound excellent, and are perfectly timbre matched to the BasX LCRs, which makes them the ideal surround speakers for this system. The BasX S10 sub delivers plenty of deep clean bass to ensure a superb listening experience for both music and movies.

Premium BasX 7.1 System

Our Premium BasX 7.1 Channel System includes a full set of seven BasX LCR loudspeakers, and one BasX S12 subwoofer. A matched set of BasX LCRs offer greater output and improved dynamics, especially with today’s dramatic movie sound tracks, and the BasX S12 sub has better bass extension for an even more realistic rendition of music, and really impressive sound effects from your movies.


You can find more information about our individual BasX loudspeakers here:

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BasX S12 Subwoofer

To complete your BasX 7.1 Channel System, we recommend:
Our BasX MC-700 surround sound processor, paired with our BasX A-700 power amplifier. 

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