Airmotiv 6s

Price: $699
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Powered Studio Monitor (pair)



With the airmotiv 6, you really can have it all. Precision-matched drivers and 210 watts of power per channel combine to deliver absolute realism for your most demanding creations. Bass impact, high-end extension, detail retrieval, control and dynamics--by all measures the airmotiv 6 sets new standards. You'll quickly decide to put these monitors center stage at your studio or home.

Designed for Demanding Studio and Home Applications
The airmotiv 6 was designed for applications that demand accurate full range sound, exceedingly low distortion, great imaging, and consistent performance. The airmotiv 6 is equally at home in a professional recording studio or in a top notch home studio, and can also be used directly with a DAC, preamp, or surround processor to create a truly impressive small audiophile system or a great home-theater setup.

Superior Transducer Technology with Precision Matching
Our exclusive airmotiv high-frequency transducer provides crystal clear, extended highs--even extending comfortably above the range of human hearing. At the same time, a powerful, precision-engineered airmotiv low-frequency transducer delivers crisp solid bass without any of the thinness or thump that plague other small speakers.

The high-frequency gain, low-frequency gain, and overall gain of each unit are calibrated to within 1.0 dB of our reference standard, which allows every pair to deliver stunning imaging and pinpoint placement of instruments in the sound stage, and ensures that any units you buy in the future will be an exact match for the ones you already have.

Bi-Amplified, Full-Featured Powerhouse
All of our airmotiv monitors are fully bi-amplified, with a separate amp for both the woofer and high-frequency transducer. The airmotiv 6s offer 210 watts per channel of power. Each amplifier is audiophile-grade, with toroid transformer, large electrolytic power capacitors, and stacked metalized film capacitors used throughout.

Plus, we haven't skimped on the features. Use either balanced or unbalanced inputs, tweak the response to your studio or room with active crossover controls, enjoy the convenience of 115V/230V user-switchable AC power, and relax with the confidence of full overdrive protection.


"I love the sleek design and power of the Airmotiv6's. The bottom end extension and midrange detail are impressive for a speaker this size. Nothing like it in this price range. It's my go to near field speaker for audio mastering."

Ronnie Thomas 
Record Producer and Mastering Engineer 
(Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, dc Talk, Gretchen Wilson and Lauren and The Reckless)