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Turn your DC-1 into a high performance modular audio system.



Increase the Flexibility of Your DAC or Preamp

We would like to introduce you to the Emotiva Stealth SP-1 Input Selector and Phono Preamp. The Stealth SP-1 is designed to work with our Stealth DC-1 DAC, or your current DAC or analog preamp, to expand its flexibility and input capabilities dramatically. When you connect the SP-1 to an available line-level stereo analog input on your preamp or DAC, the SP-1 upgrades that single input to three line level inputs, passively switched by precision control relays, and a phono input, powered by the SP-1’s own internal high performance, low noise precision phono preamp (which supports both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges).

Expand the Capabilities of Your DAC or Analog Preamp

If you’re running out of analog inputs on your preamp, or the single analog input on your high end DAC isn’t enough, or you need to add a high quality phono input to your system, then the Stealth SP-1 is the ideal solution. Simply connect the Stealth SP-1 to a line level analog input on your preamp or DAC to instantly expand it to three unbalanced line level inputs and one precision moving coil or moving magnet phono input.

Upgrade Your DC-1 Into a Complete Modular Digital and Analog Preamp

The Stealth SP-1 can be used with any analog preamp, or with our Control Freak passive level control, but it was specifically designed to complement our Stealth DC-1 DAC. When the SP-1 is paired with the DC-1 via its analog input, the two together comprise a modular system, which offers a total of three line level analog inputs, one phono input, and a full complement of five digital inputs - two Coax S/PDIF inputs, one Toslink input, one AES/EBU input, and one high-performance USB input. The DC-1 provides both balanced and unbalanced stereo analog outputs, and a precision low noise volume control. The complete system is operated by the DC-1’s remote control, and offers performance matching the best analog and digital separates.

Note: The Stealth SP-1 can only be used with a DAC or preamp which has at least one available line level unbalanced analog input – such as our DC-1 or XSP-1.

The Stealth SP-1; turn your DC-1 into a high performance modular audio system.