HDMI 2.0 Upgrade Board

Price: $349
List price: $0
Upgrade your XMC-1 to HDMI 2.0 + HDCP 2.2


If you order an upgrade you will be placed in a queue and contacted as soon as we are ready for you to send in your XMC-1 for service. The wait time is currently 4-6 weeks.
XMC-1 HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 Video Upgrade Board

The original version of the XMC-1 was able to handle unprotected 4k video on all inputs and outputs, but did not support the HDCP 2.2 copy protection required by commercial 4k UHD video sources. This upgrade board adds support for the latest HDCP 2.2 copy protection to one HDMI input and one HDMI output on your XMC-1, allowing your XMC-1 to accept copy protected 4k UHD video from a 4k UHD Blu-Ray disc player or 4k UHD cable or satellite TV source. By utilizing this option, rather than the second HDMI video connection available on some 4k UHD disc players, you will be able to continue to enjoy the convenient switching capabilities and on-screen display provided by your XMC-1 with commercial 4k UHD video sources.


  1.  This upgrade is compatible with every XMC-1 sold since the beginning of production.
  2.  If you purchased your XMC-1 directly from Emotiva  after  September 1, 2016, then your unit already includes this upgrade.
  3.  Anyone who purchased their XMC-1 at full retail price ($2499) may receive this upgrade at no cost. (If you qualify, please contact one of our Sales representatives for details.)
  4. This upgrade involves critical video switching components in your XMC-1; because each XMC-1 must be tested to ensure optimum performance after the upgrade, this upgrade must be installed here at Emotiva.
  5. The XMC-1 does NOT process or upscale video. This upgrade enables your XMC-1 to handle 4k video from existing 4k UHD video sources.
  6. The 30-day return policy does not apply to the HDMI upgrade board. All sales final.

As a service to our customers, we have arranged for low-cost shipping to and from our production facility here in Franklin, Tennessee for the upgrade. This shipping will cost a flat rate of $50 for customers in the contiguous continental USA. After your order is processed, you will receive instructions about how to return your XMC-1 for the upgrade, and a prepaid shipping label.

International customers, and customers in Alaska and Hawaii, please contact one of our Sales representatives for shipping details, and to make shipping arrangements.


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