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7.1 Home Theater Preamp/Surround Processor



Don’t settle for an ordinary receiver—or another “entry level” processor/preamp when you can have true high-end performance at an amazingly affordable price. Emotiva’s all-new UMC-200 will have you up and running fast with audiophile quality sound and super-responsive video. The UMC-200 delivers superb performance that no other processor near its price can match. It handles HD video and full 24/192 audio with ease, and can have you up and running with minimal fuss or bother - yet it still provides you with all the comprehensive in-depth control you need to customize its performance, just the way you want it.

Getting started with the UMC-200 is easy. Just connect your sources, plug in the included calibration mic, and use the all-new EmoQ™ Gen 2 enhanced multi-channel automatic room correction to automatically adjust your system and room acoustics to perfection. Now you can start enjoying all the latest HD audio and video standards, including DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS Neo:6, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, and Pro Logic IIz. The performance will blow you away!

In the past, switching video inputs was often slow and unreliable, but not with the UMC-200. Thanks to Xpressview™ switching technology, switching between HDMI inputs on the UMC-200 is clean and concise, and requires as little as a second. On the UMC-200, the HDMI output and all the inputs are fully HDMI 1.4 compliant, and the UMC-200 supports 3D, and CEC, and will accept an ARC input from your TV for even more flexibility. We’ve even included a convenient feature called Video-On-Standby, which can be configured to send audio and video to your TV even when UMC-200 is switched into standby mode; now your kids can watch cartoons without having to turn on “the big system”. Another great feature called Last Video Memory that lets you continue to view the last selected video input when you choose an audio-only source—ideal for listening to the game on your favorite radio station while watching the video coverage on a different channel, or for entertaining with music from digital and analog sources, while your selected video plays in the background.

To ensure that the UMC-200 fulfills its duties as the nerve center of a serious home theater system, we’ve equipped it with a comprehensive assortment of audio inputs. The UMC-200 has four pairs of stereo analog inputs and a separate 7.1 channel set of pure analog direct inputs for connecting an SACD player or external surround source. Complementing these is a full assortment of digital audio inputs (including two Toslink and 2 Coax S/PDIF inputs). You can also send audio to the UMC-200 via Bluetooth from your mobile phone or portable audio device with our optional Bluetooth module, which includes support for the latest apt-X™ high-quality audio CODEC’s. We’ve even included a high quality AM/FM tuner. Audio outputs on the UMC-200 include a full set of 7.1 main outputs, a balanced subwoofer output, a separate stereo down-mix output, and two fully assignable stereo zone outputs.

Even though the automatic calibration on the UMC-200 makes it easy to get started and delivers great sound, we haven't forgotten the serious audiophile. We’ve included a full array of calibration options for those who prefer to manually tweak the performance of the UMC-200 to absolute perfection. These include a flexible quadruple bass management system, eleven user programmable fully parametric equalizers on each main channel, configurable speaker crossover points and slopes, and outputs for both balanced and unbalanced subwoofers, and the ability to bi-amp the main front channels.

Redefine your expectations for entry-level home theater—start with the UMC-200. Add one of our critically acclaimed UPA-series multichannel amplifiers, and you’ll enter a world of true audiophile quality cinema and music.