XMC-1 trade in for RMC-1

XMC-1 Upgrade


  • XMC-1 trade in for RMC-1

XMC-1 trade in for RMC-1

XMC-1 Upgrade



If you’re an international customer or live in Hawaii or Alaska, please contact 615-790-6764 or sales@emotiva.com to place your order.


We'll email you a shipping label and instructions aprox. 10 business days after your order is processed. Once we have your unit we will ship your new one within 2-3 business days

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  • When you’re an Emotiva customer, you are family – and if you’re an original or registered owner of our award-winning previous generation processor, the XMC-1, we have a sweet deal for upgrading to the RMC-1 platform. The XMC-1 eliminated many of the compromises and expanded the boundaries around what was possible for home theater and surround sound. The RMC-1 takes it to the next level.

    We’re offering a $2000 trade-in value for an XMC-1 (about 75%-100% of the retail value, when they were originally sold new) towards a brand-new RMC-1. That’s 40% off retail price. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Another benefit to this program, aside from you being able to upgrade to the best pre-pro on the market, is that we’re creating a way to upcycle and reuse the XMC-1s that are traded in. We’re doing our part to cut down on waste when we’re all wanting to upgrade to the latest and greatest software and technologies. We’re taking the guilt out of obsolescence.

    We’ll be contacting you to arrange your trade-in after your purchase the upgrade. Please review the rules and conditions below to make sure that you qualify.

    Rules and Conditions:

    • To be eligible for this upgrade, you must be the current owner of a working XMC-1, with a valid warranty registered in your name. That includes anyone who has purchased their XMC-1 directly from us, anyone who has purchased their XMC-1 from one of our authorized dealers or distributors, and anyone who purchased their XMC-1 used, from a legitimate owner, and has had the warranty transferred to their name.*
    • Your XMC-1 must be in good condition, and may not have been subject to unauthorized modifications, obvious abuse, or acts of nature like damage due to lightning strikes or power surges .**
    • To take advantage of this trade-in offer, your original XMC-1 must be returned to our factory here in the USA, and your new RMC-1 will be shipped to you from this location.
    • US customers will be charged an additional flat-rate shipping fee of $50, which will cover the cost of shipping your original XMC-1 to us and shipping your new RMC-1 out to you. If you need original packaging, we have it available at a nominal cost. Units will not be accepted in non-factory packaging.
    • International customers will be responsible for the cost of shipping their original XMC-1 to us and will be charged the actual fee of shipping their new RMC out to them.

    • (*) All new Emotiva products include a transferrable warranty, which we consider to be a valuable part of your purchase. This warranty ensures that you will receive the support you deserve and will be able to continue to enjoy your Emotiva gear for many years. If you purchase an Emotiva product on the used market and it is still under the factory warranty period, you should expect the current owner to transfer the remainder of their warranty to you. Eligibility for certain offers, as well as warranty coverage itself, will depend on our ability to verify your status as a valid owner. (Note that certain factory renewed products, and certain clearance products, may be sold with a limited warranty. If so, this limited warranty will be clearly noted as a condition of sale.)

      (**) While we do not require your XMC-1 to be in as-new condition to be eligible for this trade-in offer; we do reserve the right to disqualify units that have been subject to obvious abuse or serious cosmetic damage – at our sole discretion. If there is any doubt, we may request additional information to confirm the condition of your XMC-1 before trading it in.

      All trade-in eligibility is at our sole discretion. Any missing accessories, such as remote controls, measurement microphones, original packaging, etc. will be charged to you in addition to the trade-in cost.

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