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Monoblock Power Amplifier
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Ask any audiophile what kind of amplifier they dream about owning, and they’ll tell you: “a set of Class A mono-blocks!” Audiophiles know that Class A amps sound the best. There is zero crossover distortion, and the output devices are biased up to their most linear operating range. Class A, fully balanced, differential amplifiers, although a rare breed and very hard to find, sound even better!

Unfortunately, Class A amps are typically very large, very expensive, and tend heat up the whole house when you run them. They also usually aren’t the most powerful amps in the world, either.

Well, not anymore! We’d like to introduce you to the new Emotiva XPA-1L G2, with selectable Class A and Class A/B mode switching. Now you can have both: remarkable sound backed by real power.

In Class A/B Mode, the XPA-1L G2 is a potent, superb sounding, fully balanced mono-block Class A/B amplifier – delivering 250 watts into 8 ohms (or 500 watts into 4 ohms) with incredibly low levels of noise and distortion. Flip the switch into Class A Mode and the XPA-1L G2 transforms into pure Class A, high bias 35 watt sweetheart... with a kick. If you exceed the 35 watt threshold, it seamlessly transitions into Class A/B mode when the signal level goes above 35 watts, allowing it to deliver its full power. You get the awesome purity of Class A for power levels up to 35 watts, with none of the high power limitations. (The XPA-1L G2 does run a bit warmer in Class A Mode, but hey, it's worth it.)

Maybe we should also mention that the XPA-1L G2 also includes the other luxury features you’d expect from a premium amplifier: a machined, gold plated, RCA input connector; heavy duty, gold plated, audiophile grade speaker terminals; a solid milled aluminum face plate with an individually laser-etched serial number plate; our advanced microprocessor controlled operating system; and the latest version now features our new modern Gen2 styling. And did we mention it was fully balanced, and fully discrete? Well, it is.

The Emotiva XPA-1L: the dream made real.


XPA-1L Manual (PDF)