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¡Dan y Cathy anuncian el inicio de nuestra promoción navideña!

Podcast 11.09.20

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Podcast 11.22.23

Dan, Cathy, Lonnie, and Nick are in the flesh on our very first video podcast. Hang out with the crew as they discuss our new speakers, the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale, the current holiday sale, and the memory of Joe Sr.


Podcast 10.06.23

Dan, Cathy, and Nick discuss the BUYD promotion, The Toronto Audiofest, Canadian fulfillment, Poland Audio Show, European fulfillment, status of Airmotiv speakers, the XDA-3, XPA-1 Gen3 Monoblock, and the future of Emotiva Podcasts.


Podcast 07.03.23

Happy 4th of July Podcast! Dan, Cathy, and Nick discuss the Summer Sizzle Sale, the Airmotiv Sale, 3 soon to be released products, and European fulfillment and service!