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Bring the sound of your favorite live performance or cinema experience right into your living room.

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BasX Stereo Stack

Your music collection like you’ve never heard it before. Find out what you’ve been missing!

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Airmotiv Home Theater

Makes everything you play sound incredible and looks great doing it!

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Our best-sounding electronics - for the ultimate home theater and music listening experience.

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Our most affordable series of electronics and speakers - great prices with no compromises.

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Audiophile Sound Quality at Prices Everyone Can Afford.

Our products bring you the same great sound, cutting-edge engineering, and high-quality parts as those expensive ‘audiophile products,’ but without the high price.

Solutions that Grow With You.

Planned obsolescence? Not at Emotiva - instead, we plan for your future. Many of our products are modular and upgradable, and all of them deliver quality and performance to last a lifetime.

Seamless Integration & Excellent Service.

We create end-to-end home theater and audio solutions that work together effortlessly. Reach out to our team to learn how Emotiva can work for you.


Chance S.

"I wasn’t expecting much of a change in sound when I replaced a Sony preamp with the Emotiva PT-100, but I am blown away. The sound difference I got was incredible. I ordered it for the subwoofer outputs and other features, but wow - just the change in sound alone was worth it. The build quality is phenomenal as well. Highly recommended!"

Paul S.

"After setting up my S10 it was clear this was way better than the 12’ Polk PSW125 I was previously using - the S10 sounds clear, not boomy at all, and can easily handle whatever I throw at it. After hearing the BasX S10 I don’t think I’ll ever purchase a sub from another company. I can’t wait to try other Emotiva products as well!"

Steven L.

"The CD-100 is the best sub-$600 CD player I have ever heard, ever! $299 is not even close to what they could get for a CD player with the performance of this one. It’s so good I’m breaking my rule about giving 5-star reviews to audio components. I’m just blown away by the sound and build quality! Keep up the good work, Emotiva!"

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