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Warranty Information

What does this warranty cover?

Emotiva Audio Corporation (“Emotiva”) warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship.

How long does this coverage last?

Our Factory Warranties vary by product line. Please refer to the product manuals for warranty information.

What will Emotiva do?

Emotiva will, at its option, either:

  1. repair the product, or
  2. replace the product with a factory renewed product which is identical or reasonably equivalent (in Warrantor’s sole discretion) to the product.

In the event Warrantor is unable to provide replacement and repair is (in Emotiva’s sole discretion) not commercially practicable or cannot (in Emotiva’s sole discretion) be timely made, then:

  1. if the claim was submitted during the first 365 days of the Term, Warrantor shall refund to you the purchase price that you paid for the product; and
  2. if the claim was submitted after the first 365 days of the Term, Emotiva shall issue you a credit equal to the remaining duration of the warranty (prorated). The credit can only be used for the purchase of merchandise and cannot be used for freight/shipping.

What is not covered by this warranty?

This warranty does not apply:

  1. to damage caused by use with products not manufactured by Emotiva, where the non-Emotiva product is the cause of the damage; or damage caused to non manufactured by Emotiva products.
  2. to damage caused by service or maintenance performed by anyone who is not a representative of Emotiva;
  3. to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes;
  4. to a product or part that has been modified after its retail purchase, where the modification caused or contributed to the damage;
  5. to consumable parts, such as batteries; or
  6. if any Emotiva serial number has been removed or defaced on the product.


How do you get service?

In order to make a claim under the warranty, you must:

  1. Call or email a customer service representative at 1(615)790-6754 or support@emotiva.com. Provide a description of your problem and the serial number of the product for which the warranty claim is being made.
  2. You will be provided with a returned material authorization number (“RMA”).
  3. Ship the product to the following address, with the RMA written in large, bold numbers on the outside of the box, and with the letters “RMA” written before the number. Parcels arriving without a RMA number on the outside of the box will be refused. The customer pays for the shipping to Warrantor and Warrantor pays for the shipping back to the customer, as applicable.

Emotiva Audio Corporation Attn: Repair Department 135 Southeast Parkway Court Franklin, TN 37064

Warranty service outside of the continental US (such as Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories) will be required to pay for shipping both ways.

How does state law apply?

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

What if my product is damaged on the way to you?

Emotiva is not liable for damages that may incur while an item is en route to us, so please purchase insurance when you ship.

How do I transfer the warranty?

Original owner or registered owner must transfer an Emotiva product warranty. To transfer the warranty please send us an email to customerservice@emotiva.com

How do I look up the warranty?

If you’d like to look up your warranty status, please email us at customerservice@emotiva.com. The warranty starts on the date of your purchase. If you’ve purchased an Emotiva product from an authorized Emotiva dealer, your receipt or invoice will indicate the day your warranty starts.

What if my unit is out of Warranty?

Emotiva Non-Warranty Repair Service Policy

In order to continue to provide the best possible support for all of our customers, including those whose Emotiva products are no longer covered under warranty, we have now transitioned to a flat-rate repair policy for all non-warranty product service. Every Emotiva product that is no longer covered under warranty, but for which we are able to offer out-of-warranty repair service, will be assigned a standardized repair cost, which will apply to any out-of-warranty repairs which may be performed on that product.

The cost for each individual product has been carefully determined, based on the complexity of the product, our historical data on the typical costs for repairing that particular model, and the typical parts and labor costs required to do so. We expect this new policy to simplify and speed up the entire repair process – which benefits both Emotiva and our customers.

Under the previous system, customers would sometimes submit a product for repair, pay to ship it to us, and pay for the cost of the labor required to diagnose the problem, only to find that the repair cost would be beyond their budget, or more than the actual value of the gear itself. Under the new system, there will be no surprises; you will always know in advance exactly what your repair is going to cost. This will make it easy to make the best decision about how to proceed.

Please contact Emotiva Technical Support for the flat-rate repair cost for your particular Emotiva product. (Note that both flat-rate repair costs and trade-in values for products may change over time so be sure to get the current price.)


(A few commonly required repairs, such as replacement of damaged RCA connectors and speaker terminals on amplifiers, may be available for a lower predetermined cost.)

What You Will Receive

For each product which is submitted for out-of-warranty service:

Your product will be thoroughly tested, with particular attention paid to the issues you have reported. The root cause of the problem will be determined, your unit will be repaired as required, and your unit will then be tested to ensure that the problem has been repaired. Your unit will then be reviewed for parts which are failing or are likely to fail due to age or stress. Any electronic components which we determine are no longer performing as intended due to age or stress will be replaced. If your unit includes calibration settings, such as the DC offset and bias adjustments found in many of our amplifiers, those will be checked and adjusted to original specifications if necessary. We will then check to ensure that your unit has received any and all critical product updates that may contribute to its longevity or performance. If your unit includes firmware which can be updated, we will update it to the latest firmware version compatible with its hardware configuration. Finally, your unit will be subjected to a full “final test”, similar to the test performed on new units before they are shipped.

Conditions and Requirements

The following conditions and requirements apply to this service:

You MUST make arrangements in advance, obtain a Return Authorization number, and make payment arrangements, before shipping a product to us for Non-Warranty Service. Units which arrive without proper authorization WILL be refused by our shipping department. Customers in the USA will be responsible for shipping their unit to us; the service charge covers the cost of the repair and the cost of return shipping. (International customers will be responsible for shipping costs both ways… and must contact our office directly to make arrangements.) In order to ensure that your equipment arrives safely, and that we can ship it safely back to you, we require that all Emotiva equipment be shipped in its original heavy duty shipping materials or an Emotiva-approved alternative. If you no longer have the original shipping carton and packing, we may be able to sell you a replacement at reasonable cost. If you plan to use alternative shipping materials, then they MUST be approved by Emotiva before you ship your unit to us. Please contact an Emotiva Sales Representative for details.

Exclusions and Limitations

This service is being offered to our customers, at our sole discretion, as a way of allowing to you to continue to enjoy your Emotiva equipment. We reserve the right to decide whether to offer this service on a case by case basis - for any reason whatsoever. If there is any question, you may be asked to submit photos of the damage for analysis before we agree to repair your equipment. In the unlikely event that we discover unexpected damage which renders us unable to repair your unit, we will refund your repair fee, and return your unit to you. (We will not be able to refund your initial shipping cost, and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the unit back to you. Of course, you can avoid the cost of return shipping if you choose to trade-in your unit, or elect to have us recycle it for you.) We reserve the right to choose how the repair is implemented. While we will do our best to preserve the cosmetic as well as the functional integrity of your unit, we cannot promise that we will replace internal components with visually similar ones. (So, for example, you may end up with a replacement amplifier module that functions identically to the original, but which looks slightly different than the other channels in your unit.) STANDARD FLAT-RATE NON-WARRANTY SERVICE DOES NOT COVER MECHANICAL DAMAGE DUE TO ABUSE, SHIPPING DAMAGE, OR NORMAL WEAR. Under our non-warranty service agreement, we agree to return your unit to full functional operating condition, which includes repairing electrical problems, replacing damaged or failing parts, and making any adjustments necessary. If we notice incidental damage, such as a bent chassis, or a worn knob, we may undertake to repair it, HOWEVER, WE ARE NOT AGREEING TO DO SO AS PART OF THIS AGREEMENT. STANDARD FLAT-RATE NON-WARRANTY SERVICE DOES NOT COVER PURELY COSMETIC DAMAGE. If possible, we may undertake to repair minor cosmetic damage, such as touching up scratches, or replacing damaged trim if we have replacements available, HOWEVER, WE ARE NOT AGREEING TO DO SO AS PART OF THIS AGREEMENT. As part of this service, we will replace any components that we consider to be functioning outside of their original specifications, which will include components that may be failing or suffering from reduced reliability due to age. In many cases, this may include components like power supply capacitors, which we may consider to be approaching the end of their reliable service life. However, components that exhibit cosmetic characteristics of aging will NOT be replaced if those changes don’t affect their electrical performance or reliability. (For example, power resistors often change color as they age, and the adhesive used to secure some parts to the PCB may turn quite dark with age, but this does not affect the reliability or longevity of those components. Parts exhibiting this sort of cosmetic changes will not necessarily be changed.) Units that show obvious signs of having been exposed to animal urine, other liquids, or excessive amounts of dust or animal hair, will not be accepted for repair. Units that show signs of electrical damage due to lightning or power surges, or that have other signs of obvious mechanical or fire damage, are also excluded. Units that have been subjected to unauthorized repair or modification may be excluded. Units that have been subject to previous unsuccessful repair attempts will USUALLY be rejected. This will depend on the exact nature of the repair or modification. If you suspect this may apply to your unit, then you MUST notify us when contacting us to arrange for your repair. (We may accept or reject your unit at that point, or we may ask you to send us pictures before we make a final determination.) By agreeing to perform this service, we are agreeing to repair your unit, and return it to full working electrical condition. This repair carries no warranty, express or implied, against additional damage which may occur after the amplifier is shipped back to you. If we are unable to confirm the problem you reported, and can find no other issues with your unit, we will return your unit to you, and refund the repair fee – minus the cost of return shipping.

Repair Warranty

All repairs provided under this agreement will carry a warranty on the parts and labor related to the repair we perform which will extend for a period of 120 days from the time your unit is shipped back to you. (If the unit is sold, please be sure to contact us and transfer any time remaining on this warranty to the new owner.)

If the problem we repaired should re-occur, or your unit should fail due to issues related to the repair we performed, we will repair it again at no cost to you. If this happens, we will also pay the cost of shipping the unit back to us, and the cost of shipping it back to you after it is repaired. (If your unit suffers a failure during this period that is not clearly related to the repair we performed, we reserve sole right to determine whether it is covered under this warranty or not.)

A Special Note Regarding Legacy A/V Processors and Receivers

Because of the lengthy warranty coverage Emotiva offers on our products, by the time the warranty has expired on a processor or receiver, it is quite possible that the features and capabilities of the product will be outdated, and the current value of the product may simply not justify the cost of repairing it. If your unit falls into this category you may wish to consider trading it in for new unit which has all the latest features – and a new warranty.

Trade-In Programs

If you have a piece of Emotiva gear that is out of warranty and has stopped working, you may discover that we are no longer able to provide out-of-warranty repair for it, or that the cost to do so would exceed either your budget or the current value of the product itself. If this happens, you may wish to consider one of our trade-in programs.

Original owners of Emotiva gear are eligible for our regular Trade-In Program, while we have a Core Value Trade-In program for owners who purchased their Emotiva gear second hand. Note that, even if your unit is not currently working, or has cosmetic damage, it may still entitle you to a significant trade-in credit against the purchase of new Emotiva gear.

A Special Note Regarding Cosmetic Damage

As previously noted, at our discretion, we may repair very minor cosmetic damage (such as touching up minor scratches), at no additional cost while a unit is in for service.

If your unit has significant cosmetic damage, or other cosmetic issues like missing trim or feet, those repairs are NOT covered under our Standard Flat-Rate Service Agreement. If you have any cosmetic issues you would like for us to address, feel free to discuss having them repaired when you arrange to have your unit serviced.

Note, however, that our STANDARD FLAT RATE SERVICE AGREEMENT AND FEES DO NOT COVER COSMETIC DAMAGE OR COSMETIC REPAIRS. If such repairs are necessary, and you make arrangements to have them performed, you will probably be required to pay additional charges for the parts and/or labor required.

We are here to help.

We are here to help.

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