Get Dirac Live Room Correction software on your device

Get Dirac Live Room Correction software on your device

If you own an RMC-1, RMC-1L, or XMC-2, please register your device to receive an update to one of the best-performing automatic room correction software.

We will be releasing a dedicated Dirac Interface Kit and you will need to register your processor first to ensure that your Dirac Interface is authorized and will work on arrival. Please note, it takes Dirac 3-5 days for them to authorize your Mac Address.

Note: You will need to register your MAC Address which is NOT your shipping address. You can retrieve your MAC Address in the Menu of your Processor by going to MENU > INFORMATION > MAC ADDRESS.

Thank you

Your device information is submitted. Your information will be sent to Dirac to authorize your processor for use. It can take Dirac 4-5 business days to authorize your unit in their system. You will not get a notification when your unit has been authorized from Dirac but the software will tell you if it has been authorized. Note: You must have your Dirac Interface Kit and Firmware 2.0 installed to use Dirac.