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Emotiva's NEW Airmotiv X Series Loudspeakers: Legacy, Redefined.

Emotiva's NEW Airmotiv X Series Loudspeakers: Legacy, Redefined.


Imagine having speakers that not only deliver the vibrant energy of a live concert but also the immersive experience of a cinema right into your living room. That's precisely what the new Airmotiv X Loudspeakers are all about.


Designed with audio enthusiasts and movie buffs in mind, these speakers excel in clarity, range, and providing an immersive sound experience.


Let's dive into the Airmotiv X series together and check out how these speakers can seriously up your home audio game!


The Tower Speaker Collection

Emotiva Airmotiv XT Tower Loudspeakers


Airmotiv XT1: The Versatile Performer

Think of the tower speaker as the rock-solid foundation of your audio setup. It's got you covered from those deep, rumbling bass notes all the way up to the crystal-clear highs.


Whether you're jamming out to your favorite tunes or getting lost in a movie, the XT1 brings a rich, dynamic sound that really brings your home audio to life.


Key Features:

Three-Way Design and Folded Ribbon Tweeter for unmatched clarity and depth.

•Efficiency: 89 dB, making it highly responsive.

•Power Handling: Up to 200W, supporting dynamic sound reproduction.

•Frequency Response: 45 Hz to 27 kHz, capturing a wide range of sounds.



Airmotiv XT2: The Room Filler

The XT2 tower speaker –it's a powerhouse when it comes to filling up bigger spaces with sound. It pumps out robust audio that wraps around you, creating this immersive bubble that's just perfect for when you're diving into a movie or getting absorbed in your music playlist.


It's all about taking your experience up a notch.


Key Features: 

•Enhanced Bass Response from three 6” woofers.

•Power Handling: 250W, for impactful sound without distortion.

•Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 27 kHz, for full-spectrum audio.



    Airmotiv XT3: The Premium Choice

    Now, if you're aiming for the top tier of audio bliss, the XT3 is where it's at. This speaker delivers unmatched sound quality, which is why it's the go-to for serious audiophiles and anyone looking to kit out a large home theater.


    With the XT3, every detail in the music or movie soundtrack is so crisp and clear, it's like you're right there in the studio or on set. Plus, its ability to fill even the biggest of rooms with rich, enveloping sound means no one misses out on the ultimate listening experience, no matter where they're sitting.


    Key Features: 

    •Dual Midrange Drivers and a High-Definition Tweeter for crystal-clear audio

    •Power Handling: 300W, ensuring powerful and clean sound.

    •Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 27 kHz, for an expansive audio experience.


      Airmotiv XB2 Bookshelf Speaker: Compact and Flexible


      Airmotiv XB2 Bookshelf Loudspeakers (Pair)



      Need the right speaker for your small spot or want to amp up your big sound setup? The XB2 bookshelf speaker has got you covered. It's deceptively versatile, fitting just about anywhere and doesn't compromise on sound.

      Plus, with its rotatable tweeter, you can direct that crisp, clear sound exactly where it's needed, making it ideal for everything from home offices to your home theater.


      Key Features: 

      •Rotatable Tweeter, allowing for multiple placement options

      •High-Quality Woofer deliver Emotiva’s signature sound

      •Power Handling: 125W, suitable for a range of audio levels

      •Frequency Response: 48 Hz to 27 kHz, for detailed sound across all frequencies



        The Center Channel Collection

        Emotiva's new Airmotiv X Center Channel Speakers


        Now, when it comes to nailing those movie lines or ensuring your music's right at the heart of your space, center channel speakers are key. 


        They make sure that whatever's happening on screen comes through loud and clear, right where you're sitting. Center channels may even be the secret ingredient to keeping those subtitles off. 


        Airmotiv XC1: Deceptively Mighty

        The XC1 might be small, but it makes dialogue pop in your home theater. Every whisper comes through loud and clear – a total game-changer. 


        Key Features:

        •Rotatable tweeter allows the speaker to double as an LCR

        •Power Handling: 120W, perfect for clear, dynamic dialogue.

        •Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 27 kHz, ensuring vocal clarity.



          Airmotiv XC2: Bigger, Better, Clearer

          Moving up from the XC1, the XC2 is a bit bigger and brings something extra to the table - enhanced vocal clarity and depth that's just perfect for filling up those medium to large spaces. 


          It takes what the XC1 does well and dials it up a notch, making sure every line and sound detail cuts through even in larger rooms. If you've got a bit more space to work with and want every word to be crystal clear, the XC2 is your perfect partner.


          Key Features:

          • Rotatable tweeter allows the speaker to double as an LCR

          • Power Handling: 150W, for robust center channel audio.

          • Frequency Response: 45 Hz to 27 kHz, for detailed dialogue and center-stage effects.


          Airmotiv XC3: Making Subtitles Optional

          If you want to crown your home theater setup, the XC3 is the king of the center channel speakers. Unlike the XC1 and XC2, which are perfect for smaller and medium spaces, the XC3 is built to dominate large rooms with its dynamic and authoritative sound.

          It grabs the clarity and depth of the XC2 and pushes it even further, ensuring that every sound, every dialogue in your favorite blockbuster feels like it's happening right there in your living room.

          Key Features:

          •Rotatable tweeter allows the speaker to double as an LCR

          •Power Handling: 250W, for powerful and clear center channel sound.

          •Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 27 kHz, covering a broad spectrum of sounds.


            Airmotiv XA2: Elevating Surround and Height Channels

            Airmotiv XA2 Height / Surround / Ceiling / Reflective Speakers (Pair)


            The XA2 Height / Surround / Ceiling / Reflective Speaker is the cherry on your audio set-up sundae. This two-way speaker is designed with flexibility in mind, ideal for wall or ceiling mounting to create height and surround channels in your audio setup. 


            The best part? Its user-friendly bracket and mounting system make it straightforward to integrate into various room setups for an immersive sound experience. 


            Key Features:

            •Rotatable Tweeter ensures flexibility for various system layouts.
            •Power Handling: 80W continuous, suitable for surround sound intensity.
            •Frequency Range: 75 Hz to 27 kHz for seamless audio integration.
            •Mounting Bracket Included: Allows for easy, secure installation in any orientation.


              Your Audio, Your Way with Airmotiv X

              We've explored the Airmotiv X Series, which revolutionizes home audio with its dynamic range and clarity. The XT1 and XT3 stand out, offering deep bass and crystal-clear sound that breathes life into any room, large or small. The XB2 and XC center channels complete the setup, ensuring every detail is heard, from whispers to explosions. With the XA2, your surround sound experience becomes fully immersive, wrapping you in audio from every angle.


              The Airmotiv X Series caters to any setup, from a compact 5.1 to a full-blown 9.1 system, ensuring cinema-quality sound in your living space. Emotiva promises versatility and quality, aiming to elevate your audio experience to its peak. Stick with us as we continue to explore each model's unique features and applications, including a deep dive into crafting the perfect surround sound system. 


              Stay tuned for more blog posts that will break down everything you need to know to make the most of your Airmotiv X Series speakers!

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