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Introducing Airmotiv X Loudspeakers - A striking blend of elegant design and high performance.

Versatile. Powerful. Precise.

These speakers are crafted for the ultimateaudio experience. They can convey the subtilty and emotion of classical music along with the visceral dynamics of cinema and popular music.
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Rotatable High Output Tweeter

The 25mm x 32mm folded ribbon tweeter in the Airmotiv X speakers can be user-customized to fit a wide range of system requirements.

Performance Driven, Modern Aesthetics

The updated design and cosmetics of the Airmotiv X speakers look good and ensure performance is not compromised.

Wide Model Variety

From a bookshelf speaker to centers that can double as LCRs, surrounds that can also be height and ceiling speakers, all the way up to goliath towers - the Airmotiv X family of speakers has you covered.


A new generation designed to elevate your home audio experience. Enjoy crystal-clear, full range sound with minimal distortion for music and movies. Stylish and user-friendly, they're perfect for experienced audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

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The NEW Airmotiv Series X Loudspeakers!

Discover the New Airmotiv X Loudspeakers

Our new Airmotiv X loudspeakers feature a new modern design aesthetic. The cabinets are slender and graceful. The front panels feature a subtle edge bevel, which is attractive and helps reduce diffraction. The magnetically attached grills, with their rounded corner details, finish the presentation. In addition to the elegant satin lacquer finish on the front panels, we've added smooth trim rings that conceal the driver mounting hardware and help control diffraction while giving the new Airmotiv X loudspeakers a more sophisticated and finished appearance.

The unobtainable, now obtainable

The Airmotiv X-Series speakers redefine affordability in the
audiophile world, delivering captivating sound quality at a fraction of the cost of their peers.

Emotiva’s factory-direct pricing delivers unrivaled value. Experience music and movies with crystal-clear highs, deep and detailed bass, with a smooth midrange that performs flawlessly across all genres and volumes.

Sleek, Advanced Audio Technology

Elevate your living space with the Airmotiv X-Series speakers, blending the latest audio technology into a design that's as traditional as it is advanced. Featuring innovative, rotatable folded ribbon tweeters allow you to reconfigure each speaker to suit your system needs.

Most notably, the XC center speakers can double as LCRs, the B2’s can be placed vertically or horizontally, and the XA2 surround speakers can be used as height or ceiling speakers with perfectly symmetrical orientations.

Modern Design

With an emphasis on both sound and aesthetics, the Airmotiv X-Series speakers boast clean lines and a mature design that complements any decor. The elegance of the speakers, enhanced by a subtle lacquer finish and sleek magnetic grills, is matched only by their sound performance, making them a true embodiment of sophistication in appearance and sound.

Amazing audio. Affordable prices.

Airmotiv XC3-"The Beast"-Amazing!

WOW! I had a Martin Logan Center which I thought was good until I swapped for the Airmotiv XC3-"The Beast". All aspects from clarity of voice, to low-end and midrange are great. I have been a buyer of Emotiva products since 2011 and they continue to impress!!

- Tom T.


Upgrade T2+. Fantastic-mids and highs are brighter. Base is tight. Sounds great paired with my XMC-2 & DR2, Great job emotiva on the redesign.

- Steve M.

Airmotiv XC1 - Great sound, super

Just got this center for my small space home theater. It pairs very well with my T2 towers and it really is super compact (but still packs a punch) Thanks Emotiva!

- Lucas
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