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Podcast 06.23.2022

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Podcast 10.13.22

Dan, Jake, Nick, and a special guest discuss the current Emotiva Bring Us Your Dead promotion, news on the next generation of Emotiva processors, and the future of the business.


Podcast 10.06.22

Dan, Lonnie, Jake, and Nick discuss the Bring Us Your Dead! promotion, the new lower cost of the XMC-2, RMC-1L, and RMC-1 processors and what that means for the future, some housekeeping items, and tease for a guest on our next podcast.


Podcast 05.04.2022

Dan, Nick, and Jake discuss the BasX A6 amplifier, the upcoming BasX A1 Monoblock amplifier, and announce the upcoming Texas Audio Roundup roadshow in Austin Texas!


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