Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker

Center Channel Loudspeaker

1 review

  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker

Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker

Center Channel Loudspeaker

1 review

  • Overview

    The Airmotiv C1+ is a three-way center channel loudspeaker that delivers a superb listening experience with surround sound music and movies. The Airmotiv C1+ combines exceptional accuracy, amazing precision and detail retrieval, and unsurpassed smoothness - all in one truly great sounding loudspeaker. The Airmotiv C1+ features a 32 mm Airmotiv folded ribbon tweeter, a 3” woven fiber midrange driver, and dual 5-1/4” woven fiber woofers.

    The center channel loudspeaker is one of the most critical components in a high-performance home theater system. Because most important dialog is directed to the center channel, it is especially important that your center channel speaker be able to accurately reproduce both instruments and voice clearly and intelligibly, but without the slightest hint of distortion or harshness. And, in order to ensure proper positioning of sounds within the sound stage, the ideal center channel speaker must offer exceptionally wide flat frequency response, both on and off axis. With its full three-way design the Airmotiv C1+ avoids the limitations of many other center channel designs, to blend perfectly with your main speakers, and deliver pinpoint accurate imaging across the entire sound stage.

    Airmotiv Features

    Phenomenal sound quality and great specs alone don’t make a great speaker, which is why we’ve included a long list of practical and convenient operational features on our Airmotiv Loudspeakers. The front bezel is finished with multiple coats of attractive satin finish black lacquer, which looks elegant while resisting fingerprints and scratches, and the sides are covered with tough, good-looking textured black vinyl. And, for those of you who prefer to keep their technology under wraps, all of our new Airmotiv speakers include removable, magnetically-attached, grilles. We’ve also included bi-amp/bi-wire terminals on several models, including the Airmotiv C1+s, for even higher performance.

  • A Superb Speaker Starts With Great Drivers

    • Our state-of-the-art Airmotiv™ folded ribbon high-frequency transducer delivers exceptionally flat on-axis frequency response, smooth off-axis response, low distortion, virtually nonexistent signal compression, amazing transparency, and uncanny imaging.

    • The advanced 3” woven fiber midrange driver feature woven glass-fiber cones and solid aluminum phase plugs, and deliver a very smooth response across the critical midrange frequencies, with very little coloration, and superb detail.

    • Dual 5-1/4” woven fiber low-frequency transducers, with high-temperature voice coils, oversized double magnet structures, and vented pole pieces deliver clean, powerful bass – even when reproducing complex musical passages.

    A Well Designed, Attractive, and Practical Cabinet

    • Our Minimal Acoustic Signature™ cabinet, with its faceted baffle, minimizes room interactions and reduces edge diffraction, giving you exceptionally clean transient performance and precise imaging.

    • The acoustically inert 25mm milled HDF front panels, and extensive bracing, serve to further reduce vibrations, and contribute to the Airmotiv speaker’s clean precise imaging.

    • Several coats of satin-finish lacquer give the front bezel of the Airmotiv speakers an elegant understated appearance, while a tough yet attractive vinyl covering protects the sides and rear from damage and fingerprints.

    • An attractive black cloth grille complements the futuristic contours of the Airmotiv C1+, and provides a convenient way to keep your technology under wraps. The grille is magnetically attached, and is easily removed for cleaning – or for showing your Airmotiv speakers off to your audiophile friends.

    Precision Crossover and Flexible Connection Options

    • The new and improved version of the precision crossover, carefully designed and optimized to provide perfect synergy with the drivers and cabinet of the Airmotiv C1+, features audiophile quality film capacitors, air core inductors, and precision resistors in critical locations.

    • Bi-amp terminals allow you to access the woofer and midrange/tweeter sections of the Airmotiv C1+ separately for bi-amping or bi-wiring.

    Great Sound – Now And For Years To Come

    • Meticulous design, extensive testing, and in-depth listening tests with a wide variety of musical material, ensure that the Airmotiv C1+ delivers both excellent technical performance and superb sound quality.

    • High-quality parts and conservative design ensure that your Airmotiv C1+’s will sound great the day you purchase them, and for years to come.

    • Full five-year warranty ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your Airmotiv C1+ Loudspeakers for years to come.

  • General

    • Configuration: Three-way center-channel loudspeaker.

    • Cabinet tuning: Sealed.

    Driver Complement

    • High frequency driver: 25×32 mm Airmotiv folded ribbon tweeter.

    • Midrange drivers: 3” woven fiber cone.

    • Low frequency drivers: 5-1/4” woven fiber cones (2).

    Electrical Specifications

    • Efficiency: 89 dB (2.83V/1m).

    • Power handling: 120W continuous / 250W peak.

    • Recommended amplifier power: 75W – 350W / channel.

    • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms.

    • Frequency response: 50 Hz – 28 kHz (+3/-3 dB).

    • Crossover (midrange / tweeter): 2600 Hz, 12 dB / octave.

    • Crossover (woofer / midrange): 550 Hz, 12 dB / octave.

    • Dual speaker terminals for bi-amping or bi-wiring.


    • Dimensions: 8-3/8” high x 20-1/2” wide x 8-1/4” deep . 14” long x 25” wide x 14” high (boxed).

    • Weight: 18.6 pounds (unboxed). 24 pounds (boxed).

    • Mounting: Shelf or stand mounted; shock absorbing rubber bottom pad.

    • Grille: Black cloth over a rigid frame;  attaches securely with powerful magnets for easy removal.


    Download Product Manual

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Robert P.
C1+ Outstanding performer

Anyone who loves music and home theater, should know we are living at a time when the level of speaker technology/performance costing hundreds. Can equal or rival those costing thousands. Provided the manufacturer knows what they are doing. Emotiva does and the C1+ is a truly awesome performer. For its size, the level of clarity and dynamic performance, easily outclassed the two other center channel speakers I have been using in dual entertainment rooms. Solidly built and a modernist look, paired with superior performance capabilities, make this a no brained for medium to average sized rooms. Though there are several brands that compete at this price level. Many, good in there own right. None offer the full package of performance, looks and durability of the C1+. The C2+, Im sure, is also a powerhouse, but unless you have a bigger room or play at extreme volumes, the C1+ is the more practical choice.

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