Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair

Wall Mount Surround Loudspeakers

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  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair
  • Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair

Airmotiv E2+ Surround Loudspeaker Pair

Wall Mount Surround Loudspeakers

1 review

  • The Airmotiv E2+ is an extremely flexible two-way surround sound effects loudspeaker designed to enhance the home theater listening experience. The E2+ can render every detail, from the most dynamic passages to the subtlest of sound effects with accuracy and realism. Feel transported into your favorite movie or concert performance by the E2+'s uncanny ability to recreate a holographic sound field. You can configure each tweeter individually, allowing the E2+ to be used in a bipole, dipole, or reversed dipole configuration. This feature enables the E2+ to be optimized to work in a wide variety of systems and room locations and provides for mirror correct dispersion patterns.   

    The bipole setting works best in larger rooms, where your surround speakers are several feet from the nearest listener, which delivers the most precise object localization. The dipole and inverted bipole settings often work better in small rooms where listeners are located very close to the surround speakers, creating a more diffused sound field, naturally placed effects, and an experience that is not overwhelming. Experiment with and choose the dispersion pattern that works best with your room and system.

  • A Superb Speaker Starts With Great Drivers

    • Our state-of-the-art Airmotiv™ folded ribbon high-frequency transducer delivers exceptionally flat on-axis frequency response, smooth off-axis response, low distortion, and virtually nonexistent signal compression for incredible transparency and uncanny imaging.
    • The advanced 5-1/4" woven fiber mid-woofer features a high-temperature voice coil and vented pole piece. It delivers solid bass and smooth response across the critical midrange frequencies with minimal coloration and superb detail.

    A Well Designed, Attractive, and Practical Cabinet

    • A scaled-down version of our Minimal Acoustic Signature™ cabinet, with its faceted baffle, minimizes room interactions and reduces edge diffraction, giving you exceptionally clean, transient performance and precise imaging.
    • The acoustically inert 25mm milled HDF front panels 18mm side and rear panels, and extensive bracing serve to further reduce vibrations and contribute to the Airmotiv speaker's clean, precise imaging.
    • Several coats of satin-finish lacquer give the faceted upper, and lower speaker surfaces an elegant, understated appearance. A tough yet attractive vinyl covering protects the baffle surfaces and back panel.
    • A subtly textured black cloth grille complements the contemporary contours of the Airmotiv E2+. The grille is magnetically attached and can be easily removed for cleaning or presentation.

    Precision Crossover and Flexible Connection Options

    • The precision crossover was carefully designed and optimized to provide the perfect synergy between the drivers and cabinet of the Airmotiv E2+. It features audiophile-quality film capacitors, air-core inductors, and precision resistors in critical locations.
    • A new and improved crossover design offers smoother and an even more natural-sounding midrange than the original E2+ design. The acoustic signature of the E2+ is a perfect match for all Airmotiv Loudspeakers.
    • Bi-amp terminals allow you to access the woofer and midrange/tweeter sections of the Airmotiv E2+ separately for bi-amping or bi-wiring.

    Exceptionally Flexible Surround Sound Options

    • Most modern surround sound standards recommend using direct-radiating surround speakers for the most precise localization of objects and the most accurate sound stage. However, in some circumstances, especially when you have a small room or when the surrounds are located very close to listeners, dipole speakers may offer a more pleasing and natural presentation. The Airmotiv E2+ provides multiple options, including the choice of forward or rearward oriented dipole, standard in-phase bipole, and inverted bipole (where both tweeters are out of phase with the mid-woofer). You'll find the perfect setting for your Airmotiv E2+ in any surround sound installation.
    • The Airmotiv E2+ uses a bass-reflex design, which is ideal for a compact speaker, and its aerodynamically flared ports are front-mounted, allowing the Airmotiv E2 to be directly mounted on a wall.
    • The Airmotiv E2 ships with a heavy-duty steel bracket for safe and easy wall mounting.

    Great Sound – Now And For Years To Come

    • Meticulous design, extensive testing, and in-depth listening tests with a wide variety of musical material ensure that the Airmotiv E2 delivers both excellent technical performance and superb sound quality.
    • High-quality parts and conservative design ensure that your Airmotiv E2's provide many years of outstanding performance. 
    • All Airmotiv loudspeakers carry a five-year warranty.
  • General

    • Configuration: Two-way wall mounted bipole/dipole surround sound speaker. Dual high-frequency drivers with switchable phase on each allow the Airmotiv E2 to be used in four different configurations: bipole, inverted bipole, and forward and rearward oriented dipoles.

    • Cabinet tuning: Front port.

    Driver Complement

    • Dual high-frequency drivers: 25×32 mm Airmotiv folded ribbon tweeters.
    • Low/mid-frequency driver: 5-1/4” woven fiber cone.

    Electrical Specifications

    • Efficiency: 87 dB (2.83V/1m).

    • Power handling: 70W continuous / 150W peak.

    • Recommended amplifier power: 50W – 150W / channel.

    • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms.

    • Frequency response: 65 Hz – 28 kHz (+3/-3 dB).

    • Crossover frequency: 2700 Hz, 12 dB / octave.

    • Dual speaker terminals for bi-amping or bi-wiring.

    • Dual switches allow each tweeter to be individually inverted or non-inverted.


    • Dimensions: 10-3/16” high x 15-1/16” wide x 5-9/16” deep. 19-1/4” long x 15-1/2” wide x 16-1/2” high (boxed).

    • Weight: 11.2 pounds; each (unboxed). 29.7 pounds; pair (boxed).

    • Mounting: Wall mounting; heavy duty steel mounting bracket included

    • Grille: Black cloth over a rigid frame;  attaches securely with powerful magnets for easy removal.


    Download Product Manual

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Robert R.
United States United States
Expansive, not expensive.

On Monday I ordered a complete 7.2 speaker system which included 2 pair (4 speakers) of the E2+. Wednesday morning they were being delivered to my doorstep. That's amazing on its own but factor in that this all happened during the Covid pandemic and what can you say but WOW. I use these as surrounds and Atmos ceiling speakers. Per Dolby Atmos recommendation I have them switched to bipolar direct radiating. If you didn't know, now you do, that these have a switch to make them dipole or bipolar. The sound is clear, airy, detailed, and helps increase your perception of a large expansive sound field. I will not say anything negative about any company. Although, the speakers I replaced with these cost me $1800 for the pair back in 2012. All I can say is these put them to shame. Has things really advanced that much in the last eight years?

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