Give the gift of great sound! Are you shopping for an audiophile or are perhaps treating yourself to something special this year? Whether it’s a starter system, or the ultimate audio experience, we’ve curated a list of pairings perfect for all budgets and needs.

Bonus: Some of our combos are on sale!




ERC-4 – The Disc is NOT Dead – CD Players Make Great Gifts!

Yes, we make a CD player. And hint: gift givers – this is the gift the audiophile in your life needs and wants. The ERC-4 combines a high-quality CD transport with a superb sounding DAC, so you can use it with the analog inputs on a preamp, or with the digital inputs on a separate DAC or processor. The ERC-4 is our new model, and what’s worth noting about it vs. previous generations is the inclusion of its own digital audio inputs, so you can use its high-performance DAC with other digital sources like a computer or streamer. No other CD transport on the market does this, btw.

XPS-1 – For the Vinyl Lover

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite audiophile who likes vinyl, then be sure to check out our XPS-1. The XPS-1 is a compact high-performance phono preamp that supports both moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridges (meaning any turntable or cartridge on the market, you’re covered). It’s got the same phono component and quality as our flagship XSP-1, and it’s solid construction and premium look, sound, and feel, set it apart from the cheap flimsy phono preamps in the market.